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RECIPE: Wal-Mart's Frozen Wild Salmon?

September 23, 2008

I've seen this many times and have thought about buying it, but always decided next time I'll get it. Well, today I finally read the packaging and, although it says "the wild-caught salmon and frozen fish for the North American market are only from fisheries that are certified as "sustainable" by the non-profit Marine Stewardship Council"..... I also found "Product of China" on the side.

With issues of tainted products coming out of China recently, I was uneasy about buying the fish. I would appreciate knowing what ya'll think and if any have bought and liked the salmon?

thank you,


Comments (11)

  • lindac

    I bought and ate 2 sides of that salmon (not from Wal-Mart, though but my grocery store)
    It was very very good.....and I lived. Now that I am reading labels more carefully....not so sure I would buy it again....
    Linda c

  • cindytx

    Linda, thanks for the reply. I'm still on the fence about trying it - maybe I'll get some other responses. I had seen on a few blogs that folks had used it and really enjoyed it, and that's what made me take a second look at it when shopping yesterday.


  • Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

    Wal Mart carries two types of packed salmon. The individual shrink wrapped skinless small fillets labeled wild salmon and the half sides of wild salmon. They are both from China. I've cooked both for years as it is the only salmon available locally except for farmed. I could drive an hour one way and expand my options but I rarely have the time.

    The individually wrapped salmon is yucky and best for salmon patties. The sides are nice because the perforations allow you to cook what you want. The quality is good and I like it almost as much as higher priced "good" salmon.
    I always look for the thickest sides as they grill and taste better to me.
    The China element? Well, we eat naturally 95% of the time so I ignore it and hope it's not laced with poison.
    It's not a huge part of our diet. If we ate salmon more than once a week I might do something else.

  • rusty_ns

    I gave up on food items from China. I watched a TV special a month or so ago and it was all about melamine laced items. Fish meal feed to farmed salmon was found tainted. Cookies and candies from China now found tainted with it. Baby milk even.
    Its the same type of melamine that was in all dog food.

    Everyone will have to judge for themselves how safe food is now from China.

    Wild salmon maybe is fine but who knows.

  • bela67

    Farmed salmon has more PCBs than wild salmon for me i would pay the extra money to get something better. I would stay far away from china imports especially with all the scares.. FYI most of your juices are from china also just look for the teenie weenie type on the sides and it will say concentrate from china even if the apples or oranges are from here.. how much can we save shipping our fruit to china to make it into concentrate only to ship it back to us..

  • cindytx

    Thank you all - never thought to look closely at the juice labels, but I'm going to open the refrigerator when I get downstairs.

  • trixietx

    Cindy, I order salmon and other seafood from Pike Fish Market in Seattle, Wa. I can order it online one day and get the fish the next day. We enjoy it so much because we have never been able to get fresh seafood in our remote location.

  • momj47

    I've seen it and given it wide berth. Since it's from China I don't believe their labels, I doubt that it's actually wild caught, and I don't trust their processing, packing and shipping.

  • eileenlaunonen

    I almost bought fish from Target frozen food section yesterday and remembered this the back... from thanks I put it back. I never buy fish frozen I always go down to the fish guys little store on the docks but the price caught my eye and I thought for a very brief moment and then quickly aborted the idea!

  • kevineleven777_yahoo_com

    The salmon is processed in China in order to save big money on the cost to do so. Using labor in China saves the fishermen around 80% over US labor, for example. I look at it as all they do with the fish in China is debone it, cut it and send it to me. There seems to be nothing added to the fish, they just take out the things we are not gonna eat.

  • doucanoe

    I'd pass on it, myself. I don't trust China's safety/sanitation standards.

    Even if there wasn't a threat of contamination, I am trying to consciously support American business. I know it's impossible to ALWAYS buy American made/produced, but I do when I can.

    Thanks for the heads up on Pikes Fish Market, Trixie! Never thought to order and have fresh fish shipped! Worth any extra I'd have to pay, for sure!


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