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Ok folks need help on wainscoting

14 years ago

We were planning on putting picture frame wainscoting on the second half of the wall in the foyer, but we ran into a problem (at least we think it is a problem) today.

The door from the foyer to the great room is not centered so when you're coming into the great room from the foyer, the walls to the right and left of the opening are different widths. Funny how you don't notice stuff like this till it screws up your plan.

This is our thought, we can evenly put the wainscoting on the side walls of the foyer, but the other 2 walls with doors are not even on both sides of the doors so how would you put picture rail molding and have it look good? I can't think of a way to make it look OK. DH wanted to just put the picture frame molding on just the side walls and not worry about the small pieces of wall on each side of the doors. Does he have a good idea? I don't have a clue.

What do you think?

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