Fireplace installed CORRECTLY this time!!

10 years ago

I have my new fireplace! You all were so supportive of me during my maddening ordeal with my initial fireplace installer, who I now lovingly refer to as Installer Jerk, that I wanted to share some good news. On Wednesday, my new fireplace (exact same model) was installed by The Nice Guy Installers.

Everything looks good! The two problems with the old fireplace seem to have been corrected. The fireplace seems to overhang the framing appropriately to allow for tile and board. We have had some nasty wind and rain since The Nice Guys installed the roof vent a few weeks ago, and not one drop of water has gotten into the house.

The owner of this fireplace store has been more than helpful, and even apologized for us being treated so badly by Installer Jerk! Amazing. Anyway, thank you very much for letting me vent through that nightmare week last month.

Here's the install view from my new kitchen. (Ignore the broken toilet in the background courtesy of my plumber.)

And here's the finished, new fireplace installed corectly!

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