Questions to Ask the Granite Fabricator

We have a semi-small project which should not take a full slab. We will go with something like black galaxy, or a dark unsexy granite. It's for a 15" bar top in our newly created pub, with no backsplash and 26 foot curved linear edge.

Can you add to my list of questions to ask the fabricator?

18 sq ft for curved bar top. No backsplash. 15â wide with 26â linear edge.
Edges I like are Ogee Over BullNose, Ogee BullNose Out, Ogee Bull Nose flush. How much more per linear foot for those edges?
Do we get charged for a full slab or just the part we use?
If you charge me for the full slab, can I keep the extra?

Now, you say, "silly, what will you do with the extra?" Who knows? If I have to pay for it, I'll sell it on Craigs list, or put it on a tree stump for a table!!

Obviously I don't want to have to pay for scrap, but if you buy a yard of material, and only use a portion, you do get the scraps.

Did I miss something?

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