Ballpark sq.ft. cost for adding family room

14 years ago

If the cost is not unreasonable, I'm hoping to add a family room off of our current kitchen/keeping room area. Our house is a 1 story and we're located in n. california. It would involve tearing out the wall with the real brick fireplace & chimney. I'd want the new room to be level with the kitchen (no step down)- so a foundation would have to be dug. I wouldn't be installing any plumbing features like barsink - so there would only be electrical and an extension of a gasline about 12-14' for a new gas fireplace. Realize that quality & # of windows affect pricing. Wondered if anyone can give me a ballpark estimate of building a basic room like this. I was also wondering, to cut costs, if this room could be connected to the house via a 2-3' extension (so it would be like a stand alone room but attached), rather than having to open up the tile roof of the house to add on (not sure if I'm explaining this clearly). The addition would be at the back of the house. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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