Is it reasonable to ask for a discount after?

13 years ago

I hired a local contractor to replace my roof, replace my aluminum siding with vinyl (including all gutters, trim, soffits, etc.), build a 20x12 addition on my house, and renovate my kitchen to include half of the new space. We bought the cabinets from a separate kitchen designer who works out of the contractor's building. There are three contracts with contractor - roof, siding, addition.

The roof went up in four days with no problem. Paid in full.

The siding was started on May 5. Went very slowly, many mistakes, sloppy work, constant comments from us on the quality of work.

Sometime in June, work on addition started. Siding still moving slowly, sloppily. Addition going well.

Beginning of July, we learn that the main siding guy is really a roofer, and the real siding guy quit right before our job. Roofer never did siding before. We question contractor, and are told that this guy will put up siding and another will come around and fix everything we don't like. I don't like the crooked corners, which would involve removing much of the siding. I'm reassured that it will work out. Addition progressing nicely.

Late July, siding looks like hell. Finished basement starting to get wet from water on porch caused by big storms and a lack of rain gutters. Contractor subs work to gutter guys, who do it in a day. Contractor fires roofer and all his helpers, hires a complete crew of freelance workers who swoop in and practically redo entire house in one week, very good quality work.

August, little tweaks being made to siding, addition almost done.

So, next week the whole house should be finished. We have only paid $500 of the $10,000 total for the siding part. I want to ask builder if he really thinks it was reasonable to take over 3 1/2 months to do the siding, during which most of that time my house looked pretty darn ugly. Although we never specified a time frame, I would like a 10% discount for the delay, stress, disruption and general ridiculousness of it taking that long to put up the siding. Am I being unreasonable? I know it never hurts to ask, and he can say No, but do folks care about reputation anymore? I will tell everyone I know about this experience, but having an adjustment would temper the amount of details I include when telling the truth about it.

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