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Kitchen countertops-Santa Cecilia Gold or Giallo Ornamental

April 24, 2011

Hi all. I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I am currently building a new home and am trying to decide between Santa Cecilia Gold or Giallo Ornamental granite countertops. The cabinets are going to be Mocha glaze and the floor is a tile that has a beautiful tan/gold pattern. I like the Giallo because of the white background and like the Cecilia gold because of there seems to be more color to it. I just don't want the gold tint to be overpowering. Does anyone have pictures of either granite or any recommendations? Thank you

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  • blfenton

    I have the Giallo ornamentale but Santa Cecilia was in the running for a long time. I chose the giallo ornamentale because I find it to be a quiet stone which I decided to go with. Also because all the Santa Cecilia's that I saw all had cranberry-coloured spots in them that I wasn't sure I would always like.

  • boxerpups

    Hi iluvfl,

    Wonderful choices! And honestly they are similar
    in that you can work with either with what you describe.
    Something to think about. If you tend toward the yellows,
    golds and browns find the stone that works with those
    colors. Or if you prefer cool whites, gray and taupes
    look for the slab with that. Think about the other spaces
    in your home to lead you to how you wish to decorate.

    Here are some images. I wish I had the cabinets you
    describe to show you how pretty it can look.

    Giallo Ornamental

    Giallo Ornamental

    Giallo Ornamental


    GO from Avid Tile co.

    Santa Cecilia from Stone Studio

    Santa Cecilia from Paramount Granite

    SC from Dimensional stone



    Santa Cecilia from Exotic Stone and Fabrication

  • kbmboston

    We were trying to make a similar decision, we looked at GO, SC and New Venetian Gold. A finally went with NVG, as we felt it was in between the other too. I was a bit worried about how light the OG was (although the granite saleswomen said she has it

    Here is a picture:

  • scrapbookheaven

    We went through the same process about six months ago. Here are my 2 cents...

    Santa Cecilia tends to have much more gold and the dark spots are black.

    Giallo Ornamental (lite version) has a white background with the darkest color being brown.

    Giallo Ornamental (dark version) has a cream background with the darkest color being brown.

    I ended up with Giallo Ornamental dark version because I love the brown vs. black and loved the overall pattern on the slab that I picked. I LOVE my stone.

    My Mom chose GO light version for her much smaller kitchen. And she also was changing from white formica so the contrast in the change wasn't as great for her.

    Keep in mind that color, contrast and pattern all depends on the particular slab that you are looking at in the granite yard. But these are overall guidelines in my shopping experience.

  • brianadarnell

    As with many other stones, the color of your slab is sometimes the deciding factor. I chose GO because the slabs at the granite place near me had more taupe, which I loved. I was trying to stay away from gold. My giallo has a lot of color, deep brown. Some slabs don't. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong. And, I think NVG should probably also be considered since it is so similar. A picture of my slabs from afar.

  • brianadarnell

    Joan2121 just finished her kitchen and has beautiful Giallo Ornamental. I'm linking it for you to see...

    Here is a link that might be useful: Joan's Beautiful Kitchen

  • Stefaniebb

    I was all set on Saint Cecelia granite! I think I am still getting it- have an appt next week I will let you know if my mind has been changed!lol

  • chrisk327

    well it depends...
    really don't think you can decide on either of these on the internet. Its all in the specific slabs.

    I've seen Santa Cecelia look orange striped like a tiger or taupey. I've seen Giallo Ornamental with a goldish background or almost white.

    We're still deciding betwene the different colors. Others in the runnin are new venitian ice, and sme other one that i can't remember the name.

  • iluvfl

    Thank you all for your feedback. Because we are building our home we have the choices of granite to choose from, but I don't believe we get to pick the slab. We are leaning to the Cecilia Gold because the color of our kitchen walls are going to be a gold tone. I am hoping for a lighter background vs dark. I guess I can request a lighter color but don't know what I will wind up with. Great pictures of both granite. It is a hard decision.

  • kitchenaddict

    Hi iluvfl...

    How exciting to be able to pick all the details of your new home...and challenging I'm sure..

    In reading your post, it sounds as if you would prefer a lighter granite, but are leaning towards a gold granite because of your wall color...

    If I were in your shoes, I would pick the granite that I really liked the most...wall colors are very easy to change..

    Best of Luck..


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