Bamboo Roman shades - need liner

8 years ago

If you remember, this is the look I am going for

[Window Treatments[( by Denver Window Treatments Finishing Touches

I got the bamboo shades for the dining room windows and French door, and wood blinds for the kitchen window over the sink.

After putting them up, we discovered that they are completely see-through at night. So I scoured the internet and found a lot of tutorials on how to add a liner to the shades. I did one, but then it wouldn't pull up right and the white showed through the bamboo. No one who did the tutorials mentioned either of these things so either I did it wrong or it was ok with them.

Today I peeled off the liner (it was glued on) and am back to square one. I can put roller shades or vinyl mini blinds (the cheaper option and seem to be thinner too) behind the bamboo shades on the windows, but not behind the ones on the door. Then I have two sets of cords to deal with. Or I can buy a fabric instead of the vinyl(ish) liners and try lining them again. Once we get a fence built, privacy won't be a problem there anyway.

Has anyone dealt with the privacy issue, or lack thereof, with bamboo shades, and what did you do about it?

Meanwhile, I have enough vinyl(ish) liner to do 5 more shades.

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