Craftsman Garage Door Opener

April 9, 2009

Greetings and Salutations!

I'm almost to the point of having to call a garage door repairman... which I'd love to avoid... so I've turned to you wise wise folks for some advice!!

Initial Problems: Garage door would open, and continue opening past the "open" point... would hit against a bolt in the track and persist until remote/wall button was hit again. We spent about a week just hitting the button twice (to open it, stop it from trying to open further) because we weren't sure what was going on. This week it started doing a similar action when it closed (it would hit the ground, but the motor would keep trying to close it further).

I did some research and discovered the limit switches... seemed like an easy fix, woot! Tonight I released the door from the track so I could just see the carriage move and tweaked the open and closed limits to where they should be.

Satisfied with my work, and happy I wouldn't have to seek outside help, I hooked the door back up and tested it out. The door was in the closed position and the motor started... but for some reason it was not able to lift the door up. It kept trying, making some awful noises as it did, and was jerking the door, but was just not able to get it started.

Two things I did to try to trouble shoot this: Checked the force levels... they were set at max. I tried running it at all the various force settings, still wasn't able to lift the door. I also checked the balance of the door. I disconnected it from the carriage, opened it halfway, and let it hang. It did not fall back down. I also was not able to notice any sort of obstruction in the track... it opened/closed manually just fine.

I tried putting the carriage in the open position, and THEN reconnecting the door. The door closed okay, although it got a bit jerky at the very end. But it still will not open it.

The rails don't appear to be disfigured or obstructed either.

Again, it's not for lack of trying, the motor runs, the chain tugs, it just for some reason can't get it going.

Should I call a repair man or does anyone have any words of wisdom?

Thanks so much in advance!!!

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