Woo Hoo, FINISHED! (*wipes beaded brow!* )

April 3, 2009

Well, I haven't been around much lately because we've been very busy... getting the KITCHEN ***DONE***! YAY!

Our remodel is now 100% complete, and I am so excited to share it with you all.

Thank you ALL for your advice, expertise and support throughout this project. I appreciate it more than I can express! I am SO HAPPY to have found you guys!

From start to finish it took about 3 months. Not too bad considering it was a 95% DIY project (and we both have day jobs!)

The project entailed removing a major load bearing wall between our kitchen and dining room to open up the area. The wall was also full of DUCT WORK (all the heating and a/c to the 2nd floor!) as well as a lot of electric. DH did ALL the demolition, the construction, the electric, the plumbing, the heating, the lighting and the appliance installation. We did everything ourselves except the hanging of the cabinets and the laying of the new floor.

Kitchen design by The Kitchen Village, Corry & Erie, PA.

The cabinets are by Showplace Wood Products; "Breckenridge" door style, in maple; "Antique Soft Cream with Ivory Glaze" finish.

Granite is Santa Cecelia Light, slabs hand-picked at Mont Granite in Solon, OH.

Blanco 1 3/4 bowl silgranit sink in color "Biscuit".

Delta Saxony faucet in SS finish.


GE slide-in gas range, model #PGS908SEM.

GE microwave, model #PEB20605SM1SS (built in w/ trim kit).

KitchenAid french door fridge, model #KBFS20ETSS01.

KitchenAid D/W, model #KUDC03FVSS0.

(We reused our KitchenAid disposer, it was new.)

Low-voltage xenon under-cabinet lighting by American Lighting.

All lighting fixtures by Murray Feiss, from the "Alexandria" collection.

Flooring is a Tarkett Fiber Floor (one piece vinyl) - color/style: Arizona Saltio, Taupe #38062.

Total spent was about $35K, broken down approx. as follows: $16K for cabinets and installation; $7K for granite; $6K for appliances; $1K flooring; $1.5K for lighting; $3.5K construction/finishing supplies/misc., etc.

My vision for this kitchen remodel was to complement our 1600 SF Cape Cod home, (built in the 50's), by creating a space that was beautiful, functional, easy to maintain, and (most of all) fun to cook in. I am so happy to say that we achieved our goals! This kitchen is a delight.

Soooo, without further ado -- what I know you are really interested in ;o) -- THE PICTURES! Enjoy!


In this next picture you'll see the wall (behind the stove) that had to go! The dining room is on the other side.


(This next picture isn't 100% accurate; it doesn't show the 9" tray/cookie sheet cabinet between the sink and the D/W. We decided on that later, and the plans weren't redone.)

A FEW "In Progress"... just for fun! (Ahhhh, the memories...!) ;o)

I'm not sure how many photos one post can hold, so I will continue in another post. Stay tuned!

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  • tiskers

    Hi Steph! Thanks for your post. Thinking of your Doggie Family made me smile! You'll have to let me know what you finally decide to do near your doggie's food bowl! Wouldn't a KITTY stencil or picture be cute?!!

    Regarding the step-up "shelf" behind the sink... well, it was just added for interest and to kinda balance out the step-up bar at the opposite side of the room. I wondered what to do with that area behind the sink, too; in fact, I started a thread about that very question while we were in progress... you could probably do a search by my user name and find the thread - there were some good suggestions! I ended up doing the big wrought iron basket/bowl; and I love that for fresh fruit, etc., and it'll be easy to change out if I get tired of it. Adding the step-up "shelf" there really does make the corner space more *useable* and functional, and visually and physically delineates it from the "sink/faucet" area, IMHO. I'm really glad I went with it. (And on a practical note, anything up there doesn't get wet or splashed at all!)

  • brutuses

    LOL, I just noticed the stenciled mouse. That is precious.

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  • tiskers

    Awwww, thanks, Brutuses!
    Your opinion means a lot! :o)

  • tiskers

    I got a request for a few more pictures. Very happy to oblige!

    From the kitchen into the living room, and also showing the small front door entry way:

    We added some new wall art to the kitchen and dining room.

    The new picture above the baker's rack says, "ENJOY... life is good!"

    Our "Coffee Corner" with new "Fresh Java" sign. LOVELOVELOVE the new Keurig coffee maker, BTW. OHMYWORD!!! How fun is THAT?!

    And just because NO POST can be truly complete without a picture of Boo, of course... ;o)

    Thank you for lookin' !

  • kw-beader

    WOW! What a transformation! I'm in lust!

  • capesunseting

    You said below that your pantry opens on both sides. What a great idea. Im in the design phase and Id love it if you would post a picture of what the cabinet looks like with the doors open.


  • tiskers

    Thanks, Capesunsetting,
    I LOVE the pantry cabinet... it's not HUGE, but it is extremely functional and practical. I think you would love something similar.

    Here are some photos as requested (EEEEK, I think I should've probably tidied it up inside before I took the pictures! ;o) Oh well!!!):


    Left (large side) open:

    Right side open:

    And with both sides open:

    I hope this helped! Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks again for looking!


  • tiskers

    While I am posting pictures, I thought you GW'ers would appreciate this. I got this (two color, black and maroon) vinyl Welcome graphic off of ETSY, and put it on the outside of our back door (which leads into the kitchen).

    I think it is just so warm and welcoming and fun! (These vinyl graphics could get quite addictive, I think! So easy and darn-near fool-proof! I have the "Bon Appetit" in my kitchen, and now this on the door. But I promise to quit now, before it becomes "TOO MUCH"!!!) haha! ;o)

    Close-up of the graphic:

    Thanks for lookin'!

  • teppy

    tiskers-yes, it does feel good to be done. i like your green walls. they are similar to my olive branch. and i love the glass in your cabinet doors. i didn't even think about anything but just straight up clear glass. i was getting tired. i'm sure you know how it is. i really love that kitty though. she/he? looks so sweet. my cat is a b_t_ _! she absolutely terrorizes my sweet siberian husky. he is our baby and we love him like you love you sweet little cat. oh heck, i love Ms. kitty too. :)

  • scrappy25

    tiskers, I think you have just converted me from an island to a peninsula plan! This is a wonderful kitchen. Can I ask for details on hhow you mounted the back to back cabinets in the wall outer corner? Is the "inside" cabinet roof-mounted? Is the "outside" cabinet on primarily by gravity? How are they secured? This is a very clever use of space.

  • susanlynn2012

    tiskers, what is your wall color? I really love your new kitchen.

  • tiskers

    Oh, Scrappy, I was not sure I would have the answers for you! One of the FEW parts of our DIY project that we did NOT do ourselves was the hanging/installing of the cabinets. We had the professional installer from the kitchen design company do that for us.

    BUT, I called my husband on his cell phone (he is not home right now) and asked him if he might know, as he was on-site for (most of) the cabinet installation.

    I read him your questions, and this is what he said: "The inside cabinet (kitchen side) is the corner cabinet, and it was screwed to the wall on the outside wall (window side); therefore already supported before any other cabinet(s) went in. The cabinet that "backs" it, on the dining room side (the cabinet with the apothecary drawer) was screwed to that other cabinet (behind it) as well as screwed to the outside wall. And both cabinets are "sitting" on the granite, which is "sitting" on the (base) cabinets beneath that."

    There is a sheet of cabinet "trim" (not sure this is the correct term?) that covers the sides of both cabinets to cover the "seam" where the kitchen side cabinet and the dining room side cabinet *meet*.

    I hope that helps you, and is what you were asking. If not, please let me know!

    And do keep us posted on what you decide! How exciting!


  • tiskers

    Hi Lynn2006,

    Thanks for your post!
    The wall color in the kitchen is by Ralph Lauren Polo in color "Fairy Wren"; number NA61. It really is a lovely color. I couldn't find anything I liked better in ANY paint line - and believe me, I LOOKED FAR AND WIDE!!! ;o)

    The dining room is SW Ivoire. It's a very pretty, soft, subtle color. I think it complements the kitchen nicely.

    Thaks for looking!


  • susanlynn2012

    Lynn, Thank you for the paint color information. I really love both colors a lot. I will get paint samples of both colors. When the flooring installers move my heavy file cabinets in my two room home office & move the family room furniture, I am going to have to repaint my rooms since I found out the other painter never painted behind my furniture! There is drip marks going down in the home office behind the cabinets and he painted around the book on one file cabinet so when I moved the books it looks awful! I am trying to find nice happy neutral soothing colors and I love both of your colors.

    Your kitchen is so nice and I really love that Bon Appetite script also and must find one like it for my kitchen. Your granite is my favorite and I just adore it. Your cabinets are so creamy and I love the hardware. The wall color is perfect and also goes so well with the dining room's complimenting color. Your floor is also very nice and I will look into your floor as well )Tarkett Fiber Floor (one piece vinyl) - color/style: Arizona Saltio, Taupe #38062) since my kitchen needs a new floor.

    I love everything about your kitchen and one day I hope to be able to remodel my kitchen to look almost as nice or even half as nice I would be happy.

  • lovlilynne

    Hi Lynn - just found your pictures and this post. What a beautiful kitchen! I am impressed that it is DIY - very, very well done.

    I have a question about your pantry - thanks for posting pictures. I have something very similar in my design (on the side of a CD FD refrigerator - is yours CD?), so it's 24" l and 12" deep - is yours just 12" deep? I was concerned about what I could fit in it, but it looks like a lot. I know KD ordered fake sides for the front, but now that I see your doors, I think I like that idea. I wonder if I can incorporate it now (cabinets have been ordered).

    How do you like your refriderator? Can you post pictures of the insides of it? (don't worry about what it looks like - you would probably not eat in my kitchen if you saw the inside of my fridge!).



  • lovlilynne

    Dang, I forgot to add that I wanted to know why kind of sink that is? I can only do a single, but I love the look of yours. I'm going to go out to the finished kitchens blog to see if it is listed there, but I wanted to post it here too.

  • tiskers

    Hi, Lynne! Yes, our fridge is counter depth and the pantry cabinet beside it is 12" x 24". It is amazing how much it holds!

    Hmmmm, I can see why your KD might suggest "fake front" doors, but it is surprising how often I use the front doors. Honestly, IMHO, it would probably be *fine* with just the large doors operational, but being able to access the contents of the cabinet "both ways" is VERY, VERY convenient. I wouldn't change mine.

    Yes, we LOVE the fridge! Very streamlined and "built-in" looking, and the reduced depth makes it very easy to *find* things. The french doors are very convenient and beautiful, and the fridge holds a TON of stuff!

    The sink is a Blanco silgranit 1 3/4 bowl, in color biscuit. We LOVE it, it is a dream to use and keep clean.

    And right now, our kitchen is still "coming soon" on the FKB.

    OK, here are some pics of the fridge, open (EEEK! haha!) as requested!

    Freezer drawer, open:

    A different angle:

    Let me know if you have any other questions or want any other pictures.


  • lovlilynne

    Thanks Lynn! That was very helpful. Clever of you to take all the beer out and spread around the food ;-)
    It actually looks like it holds a lot. I've been agonizing over getting the Electrolux FD CD - I'm afraid of the ice/water in the door, though, even though the actual cubic feet are more (22.6). It's nice to see a RL one filled with food, because you cannot get any idea from this:

    Thanks again for posting more photos, you are a real trooper. I am going to send off your pantry photos to KD right now and see what she says.


  • euphorbia

    Love it!

  • prill

    Tiskers - where did you get your little mouse stencil? I love it. Priscilla

  • tiskers

    Let me know what your KD says, I am eager to hear his/her opinion!

    Oh, I have had that little mouse stencil for YEARS! In fact, I actually have 3 different little mice stencils, one looks like his little head is busting through the wall! I had that one in the dining room before the reno, and it got ruined; haven't gotten around to putting it back yet, although I plan to.

    Honestly, I have wracked my brain and I cannot remember where I got them... I used to get some stencil catalogs in the mail, and they were in one of those.

    But I did a quick search and found these to get you started! Some of them are really cute! (I hope these links work!!!)





    And, OH! Here's a picture I found of the exact one I was telling you about above - the little mouse busting through the plaster! It is ADORABLE!


    Have fun, and hope this helps!


  • la_koala

    Hi Lynn,

    I've added your kitchen to my collection of "inspiration" kitchens. :-)

    I've been lurking on the forum for a long time, and am finally at the "end of lurking" and at the "beginning of the beginning" in planning my kitchen renovation. I just love your kitchen and the peninsula bar treatment with the cabinets. That was a clever design.

    BTW, your photos are really great. I mean, they are so well-taken that I feel like I'm getting a good sense of the lighting and ambiance of your kitchen. The one with the mouse by the food dish is just darling. :-)

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  • Andrew

    How much space is there between the edge of the fridge cabinet and the edge of the island, if you were walking through?

  • mcgillicuddy

    Your kitchen is beautiful! I particularly loved the pictures of Inspector Boo. What is his hourly rate?

  • tiskers

    Thanks for your kind words, you made my day! I feel so honored to have inspired you!

    Measured diagonally from the corner of the pantry cabinet to the corner of the peninsula/bar (where you walk through) is just a hair under 32". Does this answer your question?

    Thank you so much!
    And oh... regarding Inspector Boo... he's actually surprisingly inexpensive for an inspector of his caliber and experience! ;o) He'll work for HOURS for dry kibble and belly rubs!!!

  • twinkletoesmomma

    Where did you get your bin pulls? And what are they made of--satin nickel?

    Love all you've done! great job!

  • tiskers


    I ordered the cup-pulls from our local cabinet store/showroom; I don't have any other information. I just chose them off of a random sample board.

    I *assume* they are satin nickel, but they *LOOK LIKE* brushed SS, which is the look that I wanted.

    They were surprisingly hard to find, considering all I wanted was a plain, simple cup-pull... not too big, not too small... not too fancy, not too plain!!!

    Hope this helps!


  • sunfeather

    Thank you for posting such wonderful photos. Your kitchen looks fantastic - how exciting! Looks like you put a lot of thought into everything. Love the kitty!

  • mmcclure21

    Thank you so much for the info I requested! And like I said your kitchen work looks amazing!

  • tiskers

    SO happy to help, it was fun to hear from you.
    Can't wait to see your finished kitchen -- you MUST send me pictures!!! ;o)

  • karin_2015

    Absolutely beautiful kitchen! I love the undercabinet lighting! Also,the granite countertop, floor and white cabinets all complement eachother so well. I hope my kitchen turns out as great. Truly looks like every details was taken into consideration!

  • tiskers

    Awwww, Karin, thank you so much for the post! I really appreciate it!

    Our kitchen took 3 months to *build*... but probably almost a year to *plan*. I think that's the key to success (and lack of regret!): PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!

    I kept a huge 3-ring binder of favorite ideas, pictures, articles, samples, etc. I also poured through magazines and books, spent HOURS cruising around dozens of home stores, expos, (and this awesome forum!) etc., until I felt like I had a pretty good idea of what was "out there". That made the (hundreds of inevitable!) choices so much easier for me.

    Congratulations on your upcoming new kitchen -- I am confident that it will be wonderful!

  • letter100

    Hi Lynn.
    Can you please tell more about your peninsula dimensions? Are those 24 in. deep cabinets on the kitchen side plus 12 in. on the dining room side plus another 12 in. overhang? What about the height? 36 in. on the kitchen side and 42 on the dining room side?


  • kimran

    Love it all!! So warm and inviting! Thanks for sharing all of your inspirational pics. Can you tell me about your baker's rack? Did you order it from somewhere? It's just what I'm looking for.

  • tiskers

    Yes, you have it absolutely right!
    The cabinets on the kitchen side are 24" deep (and 36" high), and the cabinets under the peninsula on the dining room side are 12" deep (and 42" high).
    We continue to LOVE this design; and we get SO many compliments on it. It was just such an innovative, creative and functional utilization of space.

    Thank you for the sweet post!
    I have had the bakers rack for 5 or 6 years. I got it on a close-out sale (for under $30!) at our local Big Lots (do you have those stores where you live?) It was just what I was looking for, size and style-wise. I wouldn't begin to know how to find another one at this point.
    I am so sorry I am not more help!!!


  • chihuahua6

    I love the white (cream) painted cabinets. I had them in my last house that I sadly had to sell (moved for school.) Love the granite. It keeps the kitchen bright and airy but has texture and depth. I always preferred light granite to dark. You can really see the detail and it doesn't recede the way dark granite does.

    Everything looks well thought out and of high quality. I can't believe you did this in three months! That's insane.

    I absolutely love the Boo pics. I have a Balinese, also mushy and doglike, also with longer easy-care fur. Ashley is a lilac lynx point. Her buddy Austin (RIP my dear friend) was a seal point.


  • kimran

    Thanks Lynn,
    I'll keep shopping. Who would'a thought that Big Lots would have exactly what I've been thinking about? What a great find! It looks to be just the right size for my space. The search is on!

  • pennyr26

    Thank you so much for posting all of the photos---before, during and after. They were so helpful to me. Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy! The pantry is fabulous. Unfortunately that would not work in my plan. And I love the multi-functional peninsula---seating, storage, counter space. Once again, unfortunately I have the dishwahser under my peninsula. I might be able to fit a stool or so under the planned overhang of the granite countertop but no storage. One quick question, if you don't mind. What is on the other side of the refrigerator? A cabinet panel? Is the frig. itself exposed? Would so appreciate this information. Also thanks for the close up of the faucet. Most decisions have been made. Still don't know what to do about a faucet. Thank you and once again----ENJOY!! Penny

  • tiskers


    I'm so glad that my thread has been helpful to you! Thanks for letting me know that. It's hard to believe that we have been *done!* and enjoying our kitchen for 6 months already! I can honestly say that we enjoy it more everyday and wouldn't do a single thing differently!

    Now, regarding your question. The other side of the fridge has a panel and trim board, yes. It's at the corner of the doorway leading (2 steps down) to our back door (and also to our basement). I took a picture for you - hope this helps:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    Thanks again,

  • letter100

    Hi Lynn. A few more questions for you... What brand and model number is your refrigerator? I am looking for one that fits a lot inside and does not have water or ice dispenser. Counterdepth would be nice... We have a wall on one side of the refrigerator, 20 in. deep. Looking at the photo above, it seems you have something similar? Was your panel made to look like a wall? Can you please explain what you did on that side of the refrigerator? We can't recess the refrigerator since behind it is an outside wall.

    Also, how much does the granite overhang beyond the peninsula? Do you find that the right amount for sitting space? Now that you had this new kitchen for a while, do you see both peninsula and table sitting used often? We will also have both next to each other.


  • tiskers

    Hi, Letter! No problem with the questions - my pleasure.

    The brand and model # of the fridge is in my very first post.

    And yes, we have a "wall" on the right side of our fridge, too. See what's green in the above photo? That's the wall. (It "jigs" then, beside and behind the fridge) What's creamy white is all cabinet and trim. I think you can better see what I am trying to explain if you look at the two pictures of the plans, posted very early in this thread. That should make it clearer to you. Let me know.

    We couldn't recess the fridge, either, our steps to our upstairs are on the other side of that back wall. But I think the counter-depth fridge works nicely to really look "built-in". I really love the fridge, BTW. It is beautiful, works GREAT, holds a TON, and is so user-friendly!

    The granite overhangs the peninsula 11.5" and I think it's perfect. Even my 6+ foot tall hubby doesn't have any trouble.

    And the peninsula seating and the table nearby is also quite nice. I find that we tend to use the bar mostly for informal breakfasts and snacks, and the table for dinner. And while we don't have small children anymore (or grandbabies yet!) I can envision (for larger meals) the kids sitting at the bar while the grown-ups sit close-by at the table.

  • wallycat

    Love the cat!!!
    and everything else!!
    You didnt' list dining room table/chairs and lighting fixtures. Forgive me if I missed it.

  • tiskers

    Thanks for the note. And Boo says thank you, too! ;o)
    Actually, I did list the lighting fixtures (please note very first post), and table/chairs info is also posted here; scroll up for my post from Sun, May 3 @ 14:23.
    BTW, are you Wallycat from the Cooking Light boards???! 'Cause if you are, I'm Lynn B! Haven't posted there in a while, but used to be quite a regular! Let me know!

  • letter100

    Lynn, how long is that wall on the side of the refrigerator? The number is cut off your plan, but it looks less than 24 in. Did you extend that wall to the full depth of the refrigerator, with trim, upto the door? Could you possibly post a photo of that side of the refrigerator and cabinet above, upto the ceiling, looking from the dishwasher? I think that would help me see how it relates to the walls. Thanks!

  • tiskers

    Hi Letter! OK, I've been snapping pictures and measuring like a mad woman ;o) ... hope this answers your questions!

    First, the measurements. Starting with the edge of the wall to the RIGHT of the fridge...
    From edge of wall (green) (not counting white trim around that back doorway) to start of (fridge) cabinet trim: 4.5" wide.
    1st vertical trim board is 1.5" wide.
    There's a small air apace, then the 36" wide fridge.
    Then another small air space.
    Then the front of the pantry (12" wide. not counting doors)
    The the rest of the wall (green) to the archway leading to the hall: 11"
    So all told, that wall area behind the fridge must be about 66" long (but remember, I'm only counting the wall area between the archway and the doorway to the right of the fridge.)
    And where the wall jigs back (right inside the back doorway, to the right of the fridge) is about 20" deep; and the depth of the vertical (cabinet trim) board to the right of the fridge is 4".

    Here are some more pictures:

    Area above fridge, and showing back doorway:

    Looking up from the dishwasher, as requested:


    Above pantry:

    Let me know if you have any more questions. I do think the design is pretty creative, and really made the best use of our space.

  • tiskers

    Oh, almost forgot... since our foreman, Boo, was so instrumental in this project being completed on a timely basis and fully up to code ;o) I thought it only fitting to post another picture of him!

    Taken yesterday... here's our little monkey!!!

  • redroze

    How did I miss this post??? The account of your kitchen renovation is fantastic, and what an amazing result. All of your choices are wonderful and go great together!!! The biscuit sink goes really well with your creamy cabinets and creamy golden granite (it sticks out like a sore thumb in mine). And your kitten Boo is quite the scene stealer...he's a charmer.

  • tiskers

    Awwww, thanks Redroze, I really appreciate your kind words regarding our kitchen... and Boo!!!


  • letter100

    That 2nd photo shows exactly what I was looking for - thanks!

    By the way, I really like your green wall color and would like to use it in the tile backsplash and/or wall paint.

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