Consumer Reports gutter guard ratings and new gutter guard thread

11 years ago

I think many have been waiting for Consumer Reports' gutter guard ratings. They're in the September 2010 issue.

We're getting new seamless gutters before fall, and will replace our WaterFall gutter guards with Amerimax. We've had the WaterFall for about 12 years. I think that if CR had tested them in our yard, they would have ranked considerably lower.

Over the years, our gutters have clogged 2-3 times every year with maple seeds, fir needles, and other small debris. Also, the holes in the guards would routinely become clogged with the maple seeds. You can't hose or brush them off, and the guards are a PITA to remove, clean, and replace.

Another problem is wasp nests. We have so many wasps around our house because of all the nests under the gutter guards. It's also hazardous if a guard has to be removed for cleaning or other maintenance. Last year our handyman was stung in the face when he removed a piece to caulk a seam.

With the Amerimax guards, I think we'll have an easier time preventing clogs before they happen. We're in a rancher, and will be able to easily hose through them or open them if necessary.

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