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Where to put the roll of paper towels? etc.

13 years ago

I am obsessing over the little things, but in this kitchen reno, I don't want to lose anything that I have in my old space. I've never liked the looks of a roll of paper towels in a holder sitting out on a counter. Right now mine is mounted on a holder on the inside of my pantry door, but in the new kitchen, of course, everything will be different. I'm going to have a can rack on the inside of those doors. I feel silly for asking, but where do you put your paper towels?

I'm wondering the same thing about my under-cabinet mounted radio. I'm assuming that with under-cabinet lighting and light rails, there will be no room for my radio, either? I have a knife rack mounted under a cabinet, too, but have seen drawer inserts for that.

Thank you!!! (And I feel much better about ordering frameless cabinets now. Thanks to all who responded!)

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