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Hot Water Heat Boiler Troubles

14 years ago

Our house is seven years old. We have gas forced air HVAC and a small boiler that feeds underfloor hot water tubing in some north-facing rooms. (Yes, the HVAC sub was an dope who didn't allow enough heat for the north rooms.)

We always have the heating serviced in the fall. This year the tech replaced the furnace filters and days later I realized that all the return air duct plates and vanes were filthy; had to remove and wash them all.

I asked the man if he'd needed to bleed the hot water system. He said he didn't, but that he'd added water and reaplaced the thermocouple.

We'd used the hot water heat before he came, then we had warm weather and didn't turn it on again until recently. No heat.

Another tech (same company; we've used them for years) was here yesterday. I have a $700 bill for new valves to fix the boiler.

What's going on here?

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