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First try w/ tempered glass. Lots of pictures

14 years ago

Well my stepdad finally brought me some windows. I immediately got to work. I was a little apprehensive because each window weighed about 50 pounds. They are attached to a piece of plate glass. Anywho..Here are some pictures from my first attempt.

Here is the untouched window. I guesstimate it to be about 2' x 3'. Very heavy and attached to plate glass.

This is the glue drying. I covered it with plain white glue. On one half I used straight glue and on the other I diluted it with a little water.

It was harder to break than I thought. After I hit it a couple of times my husband took the hammer. Here is after my husband hit it once.

I wanted to start off with something flat. This is the substrate I used. It is backer board I pried off of an old dresser. I just threw some paint in glitter on it.

Here is a close up of the out come. I pieced together the bigger chunks of glass. It isn't completely finished. I still have some spaces to fill in. The glass has a green tint to it so I'm not sure what to use underneath it that will stand out. Maybe once I grout it, the colors will pop.

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