50' of storage in peninsula--2/3 cabs and 1/3 drawers?

10 years ago

Yet another cabinet layout question. Due to an error by Mr. Jerk fireplace installer, my 54" peninsula had to shrink to maintain a minimum 48" aisleway between it and the fireplace. I now have 50" of space on the peninsula facing inside the kitchen, and I need to determine the cabinet/drawer configuration.

Here's what I want to store there:

*A message center drawer for the phone book, small notepads and pens. The phone will go across the aisleway on one of the shelves inset in the side of the fireplace stack.

*A drawer for my loose recipes needing a binder. ;)

*Miscellaneous mix of other smaller prep and cooking tools I don't use all the time.

*Some bigger, awkward items that I use less often, like:

waffle maker

panini press

large electric griddle

gynormous frying pan

restaurant-sized hugely huge stock pot

large casserole/baking glass pans

coffee grinder

coffee caraffe

turkey roaster

*Overflow baking pans that won't fit in the daily baking area:

bundt pan

quiche pans

springform pans (several)

tart pans (several)

tartlet pans

square cake pans

misc. molds and pans

In trying to come up with the most flexible storage and have as much open cabinet space for the big stuff, I decided on a mix of cabs and deep drawers. So taking the 50", I divided it into 3rds (16.6" each). The 1/3 closest to the fridge will be 3 deep drawers. Then the remaining 2/3 will be cabinets with 2 drawers across the top and two doors below. The cavity inside will be all open. How does that sound? Any other suggestions?

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