Apron Sinks/Farmhouse Sinks

7 years ago

It's been recommended that I consider a modern farmhouse/apron sink for my kitchen if I go with uppers straight across the wall as the sink is on that run. I have a few questions about them, as I have never seriously considered this option and had my heart set on a regular undermount.

1 - How much does this really functionally change this? How much does it pull the sink out from under the cabinets, generally? Is it a noticeable difference?

2 - Do you think it's a look that could work in my kitchen? For those who aren't following my endless posts/dilemmas, it's a small U kitchen in a small 50's ranch with a BS window. I'm going for sort of a modern/zen cottage look. If I do this, I'd go with a stainless steel version.

3 - Will it make my cabinet run look interrupted/strange? How far do these things jut out into the aisle?

4 - If I have a zoning clause that requires, say, a 60" aisle, will they measure from the narrowest point (i.e., from the sink to the opposite side of the U)?

5 - If the sink isn't centered on that wall, is it going to stand out and look odd with an apron sink?

6 - I read that often these sinks require custom cabinets. I'll have to research if that is true for the various cabinet lines I am considering, but is that generally true? Barkers offers a farmhouse sink cabinet. Are the sizes generally standard for these sinks?

Thanks a lot if you have any input or recommendations.

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