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window cleaning company scratched windows

15 years ago

I was reading one other thread here about a window cleaner using a scraper blade. This is what happened to me, although I was not asked to sign a waiver to start. At first I thought it might be a good idea - get more stuff off. Then the next day, when the sun came around on my south windows, I could see they were all scratched. Lots of very fine, spider webby looking scratches, but also some more pronounced ones. Is this something I should just make up my mind to live with? Is it worth pursuing having it "fixed" and what would that entail?

How can I tell if I have tempered glass? My windows are about 9 years old - is it common that they would be showing scratches already, as the manager seemed to be implying?

Any suggestions for dealing with the manager, etc. greatly appreciated.

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