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Cost of Low-E Glass (ie: per square foot)

14 years ago

I am getting quotes for glass walls for my home. I have five openings, ie: 12 x 7.5, 12 x 7.5, 12 x 7.5, 13 x 7.5 and 6 x 7.5. The plan is to used extruded aluminum u-channel typical for commercial store fronts and install either laminated 1/4 (2 x 1/4 panes,) or IGU's with 1/4 panes on each side. At least one pane would likely be tempered. The 1/4 glass is being used for strength/safety as the glass wall is elevated.

The low-e glass being considered is PPG Solarban 60 with Atlantica Tint. This is low solar emissivity soft coat. The tint and low-e panes can be separated, but PPG offers a product with the tint and low-e coating on the same pane, and this seems better for the IGU, if we go that route.

The glass company say the IGU and laminated lites shall not be much different in price. While I haven't received all quotes yet, I am being tenderized that I should expect the cost of the glass only (either laminated or IGU unit) to come in around $30 to $35 a square foot, before installation or frames. The project is in SoCal.

This cost for glass only is astonishing to me - close to $300 a square meter. Is this typical for this type of product? Anyone have any cost reference point for this or a similar product. Also curious if anyone was aware of the likely cost to the dealer from the distributor for the glass unit, so I can evaluate a fair margin when negotiating. I had thought the per square foot cost might come in around $20 - the higher potential $30 - $35 price is a surprise. I have had generic low e suggested by one glazers supplier, at around $15 psf, but it appears to be hard coat and high solar emisivity, not really meeting our requirements.

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