Window World / Alside questions

11 years ago

I am looking into replacing my windows (15-20 windows or so). I currently have builder-grade single panes that are original to my home (built in 92). They are pretty terribleÂthey block pretty much no outside noise and seem to perform poorly the few times it gets cold here (Houston, TX area).

I got a recommendation from a coworker to look into Window World, which from my research use Alside windows. The prices seem to be very good (300-350ish depending on options it seems), the local BBB rating is flawless, and my friend said the sales and install process went smoothly (although heÂs no window expert). Reviews IÂve seen online for both Window World and Alside have been mixed. But many of the poor reviews/opinions seem to mainly be from window resellers, and they sometimes read as being a bit biased (i.e. assuming the installers suck since the prices are low, etc). questions.

1) I was looking at the Comfort World 6000, which is apparently the Alside Sheffield. Thoughts on this window? Most of the reviews I see are on the 4000/Excalibur...which apparently have poor air infiltration. Is the Sheffield better in this sense?

2) Does anyone know if Window World/Alside provide laminated glass? I donÂt see anything on their website. My primary reason for new windows is to block sound better. How much improvement can I expect going to these (either laminated or not) windows from 20yr old single panes? Right now itÂs bad enough where I can hear normal conversations on the front sidewalk from my upstairs window. Passing cars in my neighborhood almost sound like I donÂt have windows at all.

3) As far as installation goesÂif a house is relatively new like mine (15-20yrs old instead of say 50-100+ yrs old), does that tend to make the job of replacing windows easier? Curious if the required skill is less or if less things can potentially go wrong.

4) Anyone else have personal experience with WW or Alside they can share?

5) Does anyone have any other window company recommendations in the Houston area? Prefer to stay away from outfits like Home Depot, Sears, etc.

6) If a window is hurricane rated, does that imply laminated glass? Or anything specific?


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