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How to run new wire in the attic?

14 years ago

I want to change the 14/2 wire running to my master bedroom light switch to 14/3 wire so I can have separate switches for the light and ceiling fan. I have an attic above, but there is blown insulation and I canÂt see where the wires are. Truthfully, IÂm nervous about the attic  the only light is by flashlight and the only place to walk is the joists.

WhatÂs the best way to change the wire? Can I somehow tie the old wire to the new wire and pull the old wire out through the junction box? Or am I going to need to dig around in the insulation in the attic?

Is it just the wire between the switch and the junction box that needs to be replaced, or do I need to change out any of the other wire in the circuit?


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