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Does anyone else get emotionally attached to their furniture?

9 years ago

The reason I ask is because we are about to purchase a new sofa. The one we have is almost 10 years old and actually still looks pretty nice. It's just my husband and I, so it's been well taken care of.

However, during a summer family get together, my teenage nephew was rough housing with my 5 year old nephew, tossed him onto the sofa, and leaped upon him in a WWF wrestling type of move. The frame underneath the sofa was cracked completely in two. I could hear it from the kitchen. The younger child was fine, though.

I love that sofa. It was custom made, very traditional, maybe even a bit stuffy, but such a classic English design. We've tried to repair it, but short of stripping it down and rebuilding it, it's never going to be reliable again. And then besides that, it is ten years old, and I think I'm ready for a change.

I've another one in mind already, a nice leather Chesterfield, which is something I've thought about for several years. But goodness, I am sad about getting rid of my current sofa. I don't think it's worth donating, because it's broken, so we'll probably just dispose of it. I plan to take the fabric off, have it cleaned, and perhaps do something with it, but it still makes me sad.

Anyone else get so attached to furniture? I feel like I'm tossing out a pet or something. It's utterly ridiculous, right?

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