Paint color help...yellow and tan?

August 21, 2008

Okay, I'm new to the forums but I really need some help!

We are building a house and I'm kind of stumped with what to do with our open kitchen/living/dining floor plan. (I've attached a similar floor plan so you can get the visual - Our dimensions are somewhat different and we won't have any fireplaces)

So, I'd like to do the Kitchen/Dining walls in a soft, sunny yellow (shade yet to be determined! Suggestions?)and then paint the space between the cabinets and countertops a green (think lemons and limes).

For the living room I originally wanted to do an accent wall (wall parallel with front door) in a Brick red, so that would be the first color you see when you walk in the house, and then the rest of the walls in a coordinating light tan or beige color.

I can't figure out what to do with the wall with the on the left. It's a shared wall, and I don't think it would look right to just stop one color and start another, so if I had to keep that wall one color, would it be yellow or tan? Do those colors even go together?

I'm pretty set on the kitchen colors, I've always wanted a yellow and green kitchen, so if anything needs to change it needs to be the LR colors. I really don't want to take the yellow into the living room, so I'd rather just find another color that blends well. I'm not sure if I've found that with the red/tan combo.

If you've made it this far, I would really appreciate your any suggestions. Feel free to tear apart my color scheme (as long as you put it back together again!).

Here is a link that might be useful: Floor Plan

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  • brutuses

    Here are some photo's of my kitchen/great room and foyer. The great room is BM Rich Cream and the accent wall in the kitchen is BM Grecian Green which is the ceiling color of the foyer. The foyer walls are BM Tree Moss, a shade darker than the Grecian Green.

    I'm not sure the red and beige will flow with the green. I know you can get all these colors to flow, but they'll have to have the same hue in the color spectrum or they'll clash. I know there are some folks here who have those color combinations and maybe they can be of further help. My colors are pastel and really wouldn't go with red, but I'll post them in case you like the yellow or greens.

    Green accent wall in kitchen/Rich Cream on wall to the right

    Rich Cream



  • mom2sethc


    Here are my green's and yellow's that are in my open floor plan home. Some of these pics were taken during construction. I have these 2 colors with the addition of a gray/blue that I have used throughout my entire home. I love the combination and I get a lot of compliments on the colors.

    Kitchen - Green is SW Bamboo Shoot (green with yellow undertones, you can see the yellow in the adjacent laundry room):


    Family Room - Yellow is SW White Raisin (you can see the green in the archway that opens to the family room:


  • citymomof3

    Love it! Here is a link to an RMS kitchen that has the green, yellow and red scheme you're going for. It all works together!!!!

    Here is a link that might be useful: RMS yellow kitchen

  • mollyr02

    Wow, I really like the RMS kitchen, I'm just not sure if I could pull off a beige with the yellow.

    Also, I guess I should mention that my cabinets are (most likely) going to be a dark maple and my floors are a dark brown tiled vinyl (with some lighter tans and rusts in there too). I'm undecided about my countertops.

    Keep the suggestions/pictures coming! It all helps!

  • brutuses

    Maybe you could consider more of a rust/orange more than a red. Since your flooring has the rust in it. Can you post a photo or a link to a site so we can see your tile?

  • citymomof3

    I honestly would do the yellow throughout. Did you say you didn't want the yellow in the living area??? I think it would really look nice to have the yellow walls with rust/brick sofas and window treatments. If you look at the other pictures of that house with the RMS kitchen, they have the yellow in the living/family room.

    I have yellow/green/red in my house with accent walls, but no taupe walls. I do have taupe counter tops and tile in my backsplash and fireplace, but I don't know if you can mix yellow/taupe paint colors. Someone will come along with some photos and prove me wrong tho I bet!!!!

  • organic_smallhome

    Oh yes: you can certainly mix yellow and taupe! I have yellow walls in my BR, and a taupe quilt. The two colors work together very well, I think, as long as you are working within the same tonal range. :)

  • parma42

    I can't find my sample cards of SW Dromedary Camel but I think it said, on the back, that it's compatable with SW Biltmore Buff that is a nice goldy/yellowish color that I have in my spare bedrooms.

    DC is such a nice looking warm tan. You could look at doing that combo or as someone else stated, just bring the yellow/gold throughout.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Dromedary Camel

  • mollyr02

    Back again...

    Still trying to decide on a color scheme for my living room (see original post for link to floor plan). I'm still planning on using yellow in the kitchen, and I've pretty much ditched the idea of taupe or tan in the LR. I found this fabric that I'd love to use for my curtains or some throw pillows in the LR. Using this as inspiration, what color would you paint the walls? I've thought about a green, but a green to match this fabric would be too bright.

    Also, I'm still unsure about what to do with that shared wall. Could I just put up some molding to seperate the spaces (and colors?)



  • lukkiirish

    I love love love color and was determined to use it in every room when we first bought our house. But it was a real challenge to find the right balance. After painting each room 2,3 or more times, we finally scaled the color back a bit and ended up with RL Gold Finch in our kitchen. It's a sunny color, very much like the yellow in the picture from RMS. Our walk-in pantry (formally the laundry room) and 1 wall in the hallway is Behr Grass Cloth which is a close match to the green in that same photo. We originally tried a beige in the living room, but it opens into the kitchen and I didn't care for how the Beige worked with the yellow, so we opted to go with an off white called Behr Raffia Cream. It's on the 3 shorter walls in the living room and on the 4th wall located away from the kitchen, we used Behr Warm Muffin which looks like a darker golden color. That wall is very large, has a good sized window as well as our front door, which is painted white. It also extends up into the stairwell and it's all the same Warm Muffin color. It works amaziningly well with the Raffia Creme. We originally had a copper color on one wall in the living room but just couldn't adjust to it, it was too strong.

    My favorite part about having the colors that in the morning our whole downstairs glows in the sun. It's a great way to start the day.

    That kitchen in RMS is amazing, oh boy don't I wish I had the talent to mix and match colors like that!

  • madeyna

    I have the same soft butter yellow thats in the first pic. I peared it with a soft olive green and a dark brick red fabric that has the taupe and the green in it. I changed the colors where the wall turns a corner but I think it could also be done where the cabinets start in the kitchen as long as the colors work well together and there is something near by that uses both colors to tie them together in a way that makes sence. Like curtains or a vase of flowers or large nicknack in key area.

  • persnicketydesign know I'm going to say GO FOR THE GREEN!!! I adore your fabrics. :o) Love that the stripe has a bit of yellow to pull that color from the kitchen.

    Here are a couple of greens that I think would look great with the bold colors in your fabrics.

    Here's SW sassy green used in the sunroom with camelback in the GR.

    And here's Hearts of Palm, which is a shade lighter used in the kitchen & breakfast area.

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