Pella, Jeldwen or Marvin

Can anyone tell me how windows and patio doors by Pella, Jeldwen, and Marvin generally tend to compare in quality and price? (Top of the line aluminum clad exteriors, stain-grade interiors for all manufacturers, please). Also, can anyone tell me if Pella and or Marvin has cottage-style double-hung windows available as a "standard" feature?

We getting ready to build a custom home that will include four sets of patio doors (all with transoms, one with sidelites) plus 43 windows (mostly tall, rather narrow windows b/c this will be an an old farm-house style).

Frankly, our local Pella dealer is Lowe's and their salespeople don't seem very knowledgeable about much of anything - and seem to get miffed if one asks them to "please find out" something about any product they sell. And the local Marvin dealer was outright rude! Wouldn't give me a price when I asked specifically about the price of a specific sized window with specific features (so that I'd have some basis for comparison of costs to Jeldwen.) Instead he asked what size house I was building and what my overall budget was and when I told him, he threw his nose in the air and informed me that "Marvin windows typically go into homes starting at about twice your budget". He then turned on his heel and walked over to some other customers and ignored me thereafter! The Jeldwen dealer on the other hand spent almost an hour showing me the differences between Jeldwen's various lines and getting me the cost of several "example windows" and doors. Thus I'm sorely tempted to stick with Jeldwen for that reason alone but decided it isn't wise to make a decision about such a significant purchase just because of a couple of salepeople.

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