West facing entry door: ThermaTru vs PlastPro

7 years ago

I have been a lurker for years now. We are in the middle of a full remodel and addition currently and could use some help now.

Need to purchase the entry door for our house now. I need a regular door with two sidelights, 6'8" tall.

I did some reading here and elsewhere and decided to go with ThermaTru (cannot afford a Provia). I started calling vendors and asking for quotes and one of my trusted window stores recommended PlastPro. They are telling me that PlastPro is completely fiberglass where as ThermaTru has some wood components (jambs and stuff) so more susceptible to rot and termites.

The house we are remodeling does have subterranean termites and we will be treating them before moving in. This is a west facing door and will get significant sunlight. That is the major reason behind our decision to go for a fiber glass door.

I cannot determine if ThermaTru doors have wood in them and how bad that would be. I need to order the door this week and could use all the help I could get.

Thanks in advance,

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