An Eco-friendly Wood Finish Alternative

10 years ago

My neighbor and I run a small business out of my wood shop. He works for a winery here in Sonoma, CA. We bring home the fully extracted wine barrels, which have outlived their usefulness storing wine. We dismantle the barrel heads and the staves and make a variety of furnishings, including barrel had lazy Susans and serving trays, as well as candle holders and coat racks from the barrel staves. We sell our product through various mediums, including the Internet, as well as local shops.

One very strong selling point for our products is that we present them as an "eco-friendly" and "environmentally sustainable" product. The problem is that, although all the wood used in production is re-purposed French oak, we finish the product with a light coat of pecan stain and polyurethane finish. We use Min-wax 2 in 1 stain and varnish. I already know this isn't the best quality product out there, but it is a very good price and gives us excellent results.

What I am looking for, however, is an all-natural finish that I could apply to the wine oak. I would like something that is truly "eco-friendly," and is not overly expensive, so we can continue offering our crafts at a fair price. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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