Outlet not delivering full power & other problems

June 8, 2008

Yesterday I plugged a nearly new vacuum cleaner into a never-before-used outlet in our new house. I was convinced I'd ruined it because it came on sounding very weak, as if struggling to run, and had little suction. When I asked dh to see if he could fix it, he plugged it into a different outlet & it was fine. He tried the outlet I'd used & heard the same weak sound. So I'm adding this to the list of electrical repairs needed. Is this something that would be an easy fix to DIY? Dh has installed timers and dimmers, has replaced light fixtures and added an outlet in an unfinished basement, but isn't sure about this situation.

I'm inclined to call in a pro, once I have a comprehensive list of everything I want done. We need several extra outlets and some sconces installed, but more importantly, I want whole house surge suppressors added to the panels (there are four altogether.) At a previous house, I asked the builder's electrician and he'd never seen one much less done an installation. The last three electricians who've worked in our home (either builder's subs or someone I've hired) have never installed Lutron timers or Plug-mold or whole house surge suppressors. How do I find an electrician who has experience with these things? When I call around, the phone is usually answered by a young woman who is clueless about electrical work and no one ever calls back to confirm their ability to do the job.

Thanks for your advice.

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