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How often do you paint?

13 years ago

An interior design friend of mine came over to measure my windows for some blinds yesterday. While she was here, we talked about changing the paint colours. Our home is only three years old, but with two kids, a dog, and a seeming never-ending stream of company (like my 2 BILs, 1 SIL and six nieces and nephews that were here over the weekend!), there are plenty of areas that could definitely use some touch ups.

However, I think the colour that I originally chose is a little off, and I am considering painting pretty much most of the entire main floor. Methinks dh will freak out completely when I tell him we need to paint after only three years as we lived in our old house for nearly 10 without ever painting the main areas!

I might consider tackling the feature wall in the family room, but the high ceilings and great room style of the main floor are a bit out of my league, so I would probably have to hire someone.


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