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Running wires without attic or basement

14 years ago

I want to add some lights to my condo which is on the second floor, there are other units both above and below me so I will have to do a lot of sheetrock cutting and patching.

What to electrical contractors normally do in situations like this? Is there any online guide or tutorial? FWIW, I know using crown molding could make it easier, but I don't want to go that route.

So from the little I know about residential electrical work, I will basically have to cut out the rock at every stud and notch the stud, then run the wire and cover it with a nail plate. When I get it to where it matches up with the correct joist bay I could run it up the wall where I have to cut out the rock and notch the top plate(s) to get it into the ceiling. Is that correct? Cause that could be a lot of patching, depending on where I want the switch to be and where there are other door and archways, I might have to go almost completely around the room with the wire.

I'd appreciate any help with this, tips and tricks are very welcome. For example, what height do you cut the rock and notch the studs, low to the ground so it's not seen? What about going over door or archways, is that common?

Thanks in advance!

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