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2 100 amp fuse boxes, fuses blowing

November 17, 2014

Need some advice.
This is an old house from the 60's we bought this year. (Our 1st house)
There is 200 amp service available, and we have two separate 100 amp fuse panel boxes actively going.
It's a small house, 1000sq feet at the most�but we do have electric base board heating. Other then that, a fridge and a stove. One hot water tank. That's it. No gas� nothing fancy. QUESTION: Lately we have fuses blowing.
Turned on my hair dryer and POP.
Yet when I go to look, the fuses appear to be ok?!
Why would that be? And before we pull a block of 2- should we turn the main power switch off?
Also, is my configuration safe????
One box is the Amalgamated Electric 115/230 100Amp
- just looked and there are 4 30amp fuses in the top two blocks (blocks pull out holding 2 fuses in each)
and 6 20amp fuses below. (3 blocks)
The other is a Taylor Electric NHP6-60 115/230 AC Amps. 63.
It has 6 15Amp fuses below and 2 Black Boxes on Top with a metal handle that pulls them out as one� and have "ON" to the right and "OFF" to the left. Says 30-60Amp on each. *Haven't touched them...

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Comments (3)

  • bus_driver

    Properly-sized fuses are the best overcurrent protection from the perspective of safety , so your setup is not necessarily unsafe. But your post reveals your inexperience. A good electrician is needed at your site.
    Fuses are not the most convenient overcurrent protection.
    I tried to find a good video for your situation on YouTube but did not find such.

  • greg_2010

    Hair dryers use a lot of electricity. So if there is anything else running on the same circuit, it isn't surprising that it popped a fuse.

  • ionized_gw

    What is the fuse rating of the one that blows when you are running the hair dryer? What is the Watts rating of the hair dryer? Does the fuse blow right away or does it take a while?

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