Creative ideas for kitchen bulkhead; also wall color debate!

12 years ago

Here's a piece of our new home (closing on Thursday - FINALLY!) that I hadn't really given much consideration to - the bulkhead over the kitchen cabinets.

In the home we are leaving, there was an empty soffitt area above the cabinets - which I loved, as I liked to make seasonal arrangements of "pretties" up there (vases, depression glass, etc.). Alas, our new kitchen has a finished bulkhead - covered in a wallpaper that I plan to remove.

I'm curious, has anyone here done anything extra-clever with their bulkhead surface besides paint or paper? Removing it at this point is not an option - I cannot afford to tear it down and find that we have to add drywall and ceiling to finish the space. Just wondering if there are other options I'm not thinking of...

Also - favorite wall color with dark cabinets like these? I don't mind straying from neutrals... I was thinking orange in the area of coral or salmon. Or maybe a pastel aqua...



Here is a link that might be useful: Papered Bulkhead

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