Calling for help from paint Gurus and Tibbrex re: Lennox Tan & m

5 years ago

Painter is ready and I'm still confused...I didn't want to hijack sis2two's thread, but I too am interested in your Lennox Tan, Tib....I need to buy a sample jar. But you noted your room doesn't get a lot of sun? My LR faces west with a huge bow window -- I wonder how that may affect it. Anyone have Lennox Tan or similar with heavy afternoon sun? Fell in love with nantucket grey but it's not quite warm enough. I have an old chip of a yellowy green, BM splendor, but I don't want a pea soup look or even a celery look for that matter. I'm trying to be open to all possibilities.
This room has orangey wood trim and will have orangey oak floors. Area rug has a variety of warm greens, mushroom, sable, rusty orange, etc., and oak furniture upholstery includes a warm yellowy green solid, another in a leafy pattern with amber, golds and a bit of green, and a mission oak love seat with black leather. I am concerned about the red brick fireplace. The dining room is in view and Hawthorne yellow at this point is the contender. Dining room, open to the kitchen, is about 28 ft total with east exposure, and seems dark. Cabinets will be deep reddish-brown quartersawn oak, so will suck more light out, so cathedral opening with skylights in the kitchen going in. Otherwise ceilings are low, under 8 foot. Floor throughout will be same orangy oak I have no photos; everything is packed and the new (old) place is still being renovated. I should note I am beyond tired of pale walls, but want to be realistic about too dark walls in the 11X19 living room with low ceilings...Any ideas, pics, help of any sort for either/both rooms will be appreciated

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