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How important is it to line your faucet up with your drain?

12 years ago

This question came up in another thread, but since it was not the original question it didn't get much play. Akchicago made some great points about why some people prefer faucet/drain alignment -- better for running garbage disposal, less potential for splashing -- but I was hoping other people would weigh in. Particularly people whose faucets do NOT, at any time, spray directly down into their drains. And who have garbage disposals (bonus points for that). Any problems/regrets?

I really need to figure this out before I have my faucet installed. Centering it on the sink, my preference, would make the water hit about two from my off-center drain. And I plan to put in a garbage disposal. Haven't decided whether to go with batch feed or continuous feed.... Is that a factor as well? And if they don't line up, does it matter how much they don't line up by? IOW, is having the water hit 2 inches from the drain better than having it hit 4 inches from the drain?

Thanks in advance for any opinions, and apologies in advance if this has already been discussed to death here... maybe somebody could shoot me a link if that's the case... (I tried several searches without much luck.)

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