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Help with copying photos on Houzz

June 28, 2013

I'm putting together a ppt doc to show various KDs and for myself for inspiration. When I right click on the photos I've saved in my idea folders, there is no option to save the image onto my hard drive. I have resorted to CTRL ALT Print Screen which copies what I see on my entire screen, not just the photo, but then I have to crop/edit which is time consuming. I'm really not sure I understand the html address approach. Won't that mean that someone has to have online access to view the photos? Is there any way to copy the HOUZZ photos easily.

Solutions would be appreciated. Thanks

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  • deedles

    The only way I've found is to do a search for the image and copy it off the image results page.

    Sometimes, you can go to the designers or architects website and find the same image that you want from Houzz, too.

  • LoPay

    You should resister as a user and create an idea book. You can then save photos with comments, and your designers can then access them from any web browser. I have an idea book under lopay that you can see and test how it works.

  • seosmp

    Here's what I do to save the image (then you can save the file and copy it).

    1. Right click on the photo - a window pops up to embed the photo
    2. Click in the Large Image area - the entire text box will be highllghted/selected
    3. Right click and select Copy to copy the text
    3. Go to a browser window and paste the text into the URL box - don't hit return yet
    4. Find the text that says "img src" -- delete all precedeing text up to "http", and all text after the .jpg filename

    To easily do this deletion, I hit the "home" key which takes the cursor to the beginning of the URL box and hit Delete until I see the "img src", then delete up to "http". Then move your cursor to after "jpg" and delete the rest of the line.

    5. Then hit return to go to that link.

    You can then save the file to your hard drive.

  • PRO
    Sophie Wheeler

    Why bother with all of that? Just make a public idea book on Houzz and give people the web address. Houzz designed the site to do just that, and it's easy.

  • badgergal

    On an iPad on the full Houzz.com website (not the app site) you can just hold your finger on the picture and it will give you the option to save image or copy. It will save it on your camera roll and then you can print it, send it or put it in an album. If you access Houzz from the Houzz app holding your finger on the picture does nothing.

  • mtnfever (9b AZ/HZ 11)

    If you don't wish to register, check to see if you have an app called OneNote (likely if you already have ppt), or in Win8 a Metro app called SnippingTool.

    For OneNote, you need to have the OneNote icon in your taskbar (likely at the bottom of your screen). Make sure the picture is on your display. Click on the little pyramid-looking icon (which when you hover on it will say "Display Hidden Icons") and then *right* click on the OneNote icon. The screen will change to look like a veil is on it and a crosshair mouse pointer will appear. Move the crosshair to one corner of what you want to copy and then holding down the left button, draw to the opposite corner, and release the button. A window will popup where you can click on "Copy to Clipboard" and then paste into PowerPoint.

    For the SnippingTool in Win8, again have the image you want displayed on the screen. Then go to the Start screen and click on the SnippingTool icon. It will take you back to the app you just had open (with your image) and selection is very similar to OneNote.


  • seosmp

    Personally, I've used the saved pictures to crop/annotate to include more detail, e.g. when sending to the cabinetmaker.

    I do have an Ideabook as well, but have sent links to the pictures rather than my personal Ideabook.

  • CT_Newbie

    Thank you all very much! I am registered but didn't want to give my password out to others I'm working with. I will try your suggestions.

  • LoPay

    You don't need to give out your password for others to see your idea book on Houzz.. Just click on idea books, and type in the users name in search. You can try it with my user name lopay.

  • PRO

    People can see your idea books without needing a password! And you can make all kinds of notes in them about the pics as well. You're trying to reinvent the wheel and it's not needed.

  • nancanva

    Click on the photo to enlarge. Then use a SNIPPING TOOL the crop and save to a desktop folder.

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