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what about two smaller refrigerators instead of one big one?

July 28, 2010

We are doing a rebuild of our home and want lots of fridge space, but can't swing the price of the 48" sub zero type fridges. So...we're thinking about getting two smaller Fisher & Paykel fridges with bottom freezers and putting them next to each other instead. Anyone else doing this? What are people's thoughts?

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  • bickybee

    This is exactly what I'm planning to do. I'm going with the Fisher Paykel because there are no other fridges in that price range with design features I like.

    I prefer to have two fridges to keep drinks, and ingredients like flours, nuts, seldom used condiments and works-in-progress separate from already prepared or ready to eat foods that are needed every day.

    I don't like the look of a wall of stainless steel though so plan to separate them with a landing area and cabinets.

    Here is my inspiration photo for that:

  • artemis78

    We're just getting one of these fridges, but they have a kit designed to connect and build two of them in for exactly that purpose---so definitely something others have done successfully!

  • gryane

    Thanks for the replies, guys. It helps to know that others are doing the same thing. I think it's a great idea!

    @bickybee - love that inspiration photo! I have still to decide exactly how they will be incorporated. I hope to have a rough layout soon and plan to post it here for feedback.

  • rhome410

    We have 2 smallish Electrolux all-fridges in our kitchen, and at first, I thought they'd be set up something like the photo above. But then I realized they could serve us better by being in different locations.

    One is next to an all-freezer near our pantry and easily accessible from the cooking and baking areas. We call it the 'baking fridge' and it holds butter, veggies to cook, raw meat, condiments used in cooking, cheese for pizza, beer, wine, and extra milks.

    The other is next to where we keep the toaster oven, bread, chips, cereal, etc. (what we call our 'breakfast and snack center'), and is also very near the bfast table and the doorway to the dining room. The 'snack fridge' holds fruits and veggies to be eaten raw (also for salads and sandwiches), sliced meats and cheeses, condiments used at the table, and open/in-use milks, etc.

    My point is that you could consider splitting them if they could suit your family's purposes better that way.

  • etayer

    off topic...
    I suggest that in that photo, there should also be a pullout "breadboard" to receive additional stuff when the built-in surface is full or busy or whatever. If you're like me, you "shop" in the refrigerator and take out a number of items at one time. Here, you will shop in two refrigs, I assume with different contents. Same pattern in reverse with grocery bags.

  • lazy_gardens

    We are planning two moderate sized refrigerators. The refrigerator (probably a side by side) in the kitchen will hold "food" (salad stuff, wine, milk, leftpovers, etc.) and the one in the pantry will hold bulk ingredients.

    The kitchen fridge will be so traffic doesn't pass behind the cook.

    There will also be a freezer in the pantry for bulk frozen ingredients.

  • bickybee

    florantha, great minds think alike! We are putting in a pull out bread board there because I plan to keep bread on the counter above. You're idea of the pull out being a good landing spot is a good use of it too.

  • Julia Pickham
    We’re considering the same! The giant fridges don’t seem to hold that much more, or it’s a trick to our eyes. We’re thinking two next to each other that open opposite like the inspo photo! One could hold all the drinks and big items the other for everyday! We’re remodeling and have to decide soon! Been hard to find topics on this glad to know we’re not alone!
  • rhome410

    Julia, Look carefully at the models you’re considering. We can’t change the door direction on the ones we have. Make sure if you want them with handles to the center, you can do it! That inspiration photo is a great look.

  • Rachel Lee
    I would do a full fridge and a full freezer.

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