Plasterers & GAP between Wall and Floor. Is this Normal?

6 years ago

In one of my exterior kitchen walls, my plasterers left a large gap between the floor and the wall. It is so large that 2-3 inches of the Roxul insulation is clearly visible. The fact that the Roxul insulation is visible also tells me that the vapor barrier may not have been installed properly...

Is this normal?

I believe this may have happened because I did not prep the area properly before the boarders came and there were still bits and pieces of wood lath on the studs getting in the way of the blue board. They ended up charging me an additional $300 for the extra labor involved in the prep.

Is this a problem that needs to be fixed? The wall with the largest gaps will be covered by cabinets. Can I just cover up the gaps with scraps of drywall or plywood and forget about it?

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