Show me where you keep your toaster ovens, please

8 years ago

I'm pretty sure there was a thread about toaster ovens on counters or shelves but it was a few years ago and I couldn't find it. My search turned up a gazillion (okay, slight exaggeration) threads and I couldn't find the right search words to narrow it down to what I wanted to find. So I'm hoping you will all bear with me and show me where you store your toaster oven.

I'm considering creating a cubby for one in my new kitchen, lined with tile or some such material so it's heat resistant. Per the instruction manual for my new Breville, it requires 4" on either side but there aren't any specs for back or top clearance. I could leave 4" above it but not behind it because the cabinet I'm considering for that space won't be deeper than the toaster oven itself (~16" deep).

I found this on,

Contemporary Kitchen by Charlotte Kitchen & Bath Designers DCI Home Resource

The above is similar to what I'm considering.

This one shows a vent above the toaster cubby.

Contemporary Kitchen by San Francisco Design-Build Firms Nerland Building & Restoration, Inc.

It doesn't have the required clearance on either side, though. Wonder how they got around that? Has anyone done something similar to this or the above photo? Any wisdom to share?

I also found this cool idea at

Contemporary Kitchen by Montreal Kitchen & Bath Designers The Corner Woodshop / L'Atelier du Coin

Never would have considered putting it on a pull-out. Only issue for me is that the cab will be along one of the main aisles so we'd have to be careful about its use. It is (mostly) just my husband and myself these days so it's not as big a deal as it was when our kids were younger and home.


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