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I Finished my White Zen Kitchen!

July 10, 2011

Ahhhh, it's good to be done.

What fun this whole process has been!

Here's the low down.

We had a slab leak in February. The entire downstairs had wood floors and water had been leaking into them for weeks/months? we don't know. But long enough that the walls and cabinets were wet as well. So they gutted and we got to work.

Our old kitchen was a dark place for me. We have north facing window and the light was always dim. We also had light wood cabinets and dark greenish black granite (Uba Tuba?) on the counters, island and backsplash!!!! ugh! what a light sucker that was!

I had always known that if we changed the kitchen it would be to white. I know people say timeless doesn't exist in kitchens... but every decade I can think of has had white as an option. So I never thought of this a trendy thing. -til i got here, lol.

Anyway, White cabs and grey counters were the only things I had in mind for sure. The rest fell into place the more I looked around and if you see a part of your kitchen in here... THANK YOU!!!! I stole SO many details from GWer's.


Apparently we have a small kitchen,lol... didn't think so til i got here either, it's 13'x12'

Counters.... Qortstone perimeters in Cemento

Island & Bar is Statuary Marble

Butcher Block on Island.... oiled Dark Walnut End-Grain 18"x38"

Cabinets .... shaker, inset, framed

Paint on Cabs ...BM Cloud White

Paint on Walls ... BM Smokey Taupe

Hardware is mostly RH & Rejuvenation for the Latches (way worth that investment!) All Polished Nickel

Island now measures 38"x 84"

walkways are 38" on sink side; 42" on oven side; and 36" on fridge side... all plenty wide, i was worried about pushing these measurements.

Bluestar RNB 36"

Proline 36" Hood

Sharp MW Drawer

Kenmore Elite French door Fridge

Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer Washer

Sink.. Krauss 33" double Bowl Stainless

Main Faucet is Hansgrohe Pull Down PN


and after...

Fridge wall, Appliance garage on right and coffee station on left

Island with BB and Rubbish/Recycling Bins/drawers - love these!

Bluestar tee hee

I'll post some more pics of fun details. Things i liked seeing from other's kitchens and ended up adding to mine.

At one point, I had chosen everything and had a huge set back of worry that the whole thing would be boring instead of calm and bright and peaceful. Thank you all for your encouragement and opinions on various choices and ideas. This is such great forum with wonderful people.

I love how my kitchen turned out!


Comments (151)
  • SusieQusie60

    Thanks celinike! Did you notice the "clock in your kitchen" thread the other day? I had to post there and I had to give you a shout-out. (I do love your space!)

  • michoumonster

    Celinike, i keep going back to admire your kitchen! Can you tell me what are the dimensions of your island? in particular, what are the size of the trash pullout drawers? are you enjoying the bluestar? do you like the oven in it? i still cannot decide between a bluestar or the wolf because of the oven... Thank you!!

  • jenswrens

    Boring? This could never be boring! It is fantastically beautiful! All the details are wonderful. Great job. Now I have more to add to my inspiration file. :-)

  • celineike

    Thank you michoumonster !
    The island is 38"x 85"
    The 2 outer garbage can drawers are 11.5" wide and the middle drawer is 9".
    I really love using them. The cans inside are very tall and roomy.

    I am loving the bluestar! It's still a little intimidating and I need some new saut� pans that will tame the heat. The oven seems great. I can only compare it to what u had before (2 small wall ovens).
    I don't know the pros n cons vs the wolf. I'm sure it'd be fab though.

  • michoumonster

    Thanks Celine! Your island seems the perfect size. I am leaning towards the bluestar for hi power to do stir fry and the deeper oven, and especially because you can get it in color, but DH is concerned about its reputed hot oven door and knobs because of our babies. did you find this to be the case?

  • celineike

    Ya, unfortunately the door does get hot. It's on the low tech side of things. Which I like but w the little ones, it's a worry. My kids are now 8 & 10 so I tell them to just stand back. they have started their cooking lessons on the BS already. Anything else will seem quite wimpy to them now. Lol.

    Does the wolf stay cool?

  • michoumonster

    yes, the wolf stays pretty cool. it is just not as exciting to cook on. my little ones are starting to run around everywhere, so i guess it has to be safety first for me. thanks so much for your feedback!

  • sweetandrew

    Gorgeous!!!!! Now I wish I'd stuck to my guns & insisted on the butt hinges--yours look great! Love the end result!

  • brandysmom

    Soo beautiful! Question -- it looks like your original soffits jutted out a bit from your original cabinets. Did you yourself/husband physically cut off the faces to make them smaller and then construct the faux cabinets? LOVE how it looks, just trying to figure out "how" you did it. I'm stuck with awful 70s soffits too and trying to figure out how to hide them...Thanks!

  • susanlynn2012


    Another poster asked if your paint was latex or oil. I would like to know also since the BM cloud white is a perfect white on your cabinets! I would like to know which of their paints you used to paint that white and what gloss level because I want to paint my cabinets.

  • azlee6574

    Great kitchen!!! We have almost the exact same layout with complete oppisite colors but I love it!!!! I should be posting my finish one very soon!!!

  • isabelscott

    I too am wondering about the gloss and type of paint. Your kitchen is PERFECTION!!!

  • PRO
    Heritage Chrome

    WOW! So impressive. I love every bit of it. Q??s about your island end facing the stove. Is this technique of turning the drawers/doors on end possible with standard/base cabinets, or does this have to be custom built? Obviously it needs customizing Just trying to figure what to tell my contractor.

  • celineike

    Hi and thank u all again for the lovely words. I'm loving living in my kitchen!!!

    brandysmom- for the soffits. They did jut put further than the uoeer cabs before but know g the soffits needed hiding, I had them make the upper cabs a little deeper. So all they did was take off the drywall and put up wooden fronts.

    Hi lynn2006. I am not really sure if the paints oil or not. It smelled really bad so I think it was oil. If you've seen Katie OB's old kitchen, she used BM white dove which is really bright and SO similar to cloud white, but... Looked so creamy and beatiful almost a true cream. ( but ts completely not in certain lights) It really depends on the lighting. When the lights are on, my cabs look creamy yellow; morning sun is way different than PM sun. So getting a sample painted on a card and seeing in in your space is crucial.

    Azlee6574-Thanx!! Can't wait to see yours!!! Similar layouts are so fun to see transformed!

    Forgot! Izabelscott--the paint finish is semi-gloss.

    For the trash doors/drawers. I think you could use any door set up. They are attached to the trash rev-a-shelf things inside. I will send you a pic!!!

  • gardenamy

    Celine - Can you please post the dimensions of your range wall? From cabinet next to range to the corner. Please. Trying to figure out if I have enough room to set up like yours. Or, better yet, post your layout if you can. Would be interested in all your dimensions! Thanks! Glad you are enjoying your kitchen...so am I as I keep coming back for another look!

  • livvyandbella

    Just LOVELY!! Now I really hate my kitchen!!

  • Lesyeuxbleu

    I realize it has been a while since your original post...But I am going back through the prettiest (understatement) white kitchens and I just love your Kitchen.

    It is now time to chose paint colors...
    We have already purchased 10 samples and don't really like any of them. We are even contemplating White walls. We will have white cabinets and white trim and almost want white walls, but it is a bit to harsh. I really like your walls. Actually both the colors above and below the chair rail.

    Do you happen to remember what colors those are?

    Thank you so much.

  • celineike

    Garden Amy~ sorry it took me so long to respond, kids & summer are cramping my style! ;o)
    The short end of my "L" where the range is, is 8' long. The lower cabinet on the left side is 21" wide. Just enough landing space.
    I dont have a good layout pic with measurements on it, sorry.
    The long (sink) side is 12'

    Paint for Lesyeuxbleu~ Hi and thank you! The wall color is actually just 1 color.. BM Smokey Taupe. Even when i stand next to it, it looks as though it's painted two separate colors, but it's just the one.
    I kinda think i could have gotten away with a color even closer to white. I love a good white on white. Check out Farrow and Balls whites, beautiful paired together. If you google F&B's paint and white kitchen & brooke giannetti, you will get a great blog from a local L.A. designer.
    with a kitchen i have mused over and over. lots of great whites together that look so rich and not at all plain! gorgeous!

  • bradesp

    Your kitchen is gorgeous!

    Are your cabinets locally made, or are they factory made? If Factory, what company? If local, what company?


  • celineike

    Hi bradesp! Thank you!!!
    The cabinets were custom made by some v cool local guys near Los Angeles. They are called woodworkingLA. Or they also go by
    Woodworking OC. I think they are in Irvine.

    Hope your close by -they are artists!!!

  • susanlynn2012

    Celneike, can you tell me the size of your recessed lighting and what bulbs you used to give you such pretty light? Thank you! I am still deciding on BM Cloud White, BM Dove White or BM Chantilly Lace. I love the cloud white the best but I bought tiles that next to the cloud white (since they have a lot of gray in them that I did not see when I bought them since they are called white), they get more gray and look best next to cherry colors like my Brazilian Cherry Floor in the other room (I did not extend into the kitchen since I have small little dogs that go in and out the sliding door in the kitchen and I feed them in the kitchen)or very white colors. I like warm white colors and wonder if I painted a big sample board and had the right light, would the cloud white look creamy and not make my tiles look grayer but the ivory color and beige that they are with some gray veins.

  • susanlynn2012

    Celneike, I now have a sample can of BM Cloud White and BM Chantilly Lace and I will paint sample boards and decided. I also may opt-out of painting my cabinets since I found two cabinets I love that are new but I am still waiting for a price quote on what it would be to remove my cabinets, remove the soffit, add new lighting, add crown molding, etc. I am trying to decide what is the best option with timing right now. I really love the BM Cloud White paint so much and wish the cabinets in the store matched that color a little bit better but they were close. Again, I adore your kitchen!

  • 34tmr

    Incredibly good choices. Everything goes together seamlessly. Great job! How do you like the marble?

  • celineike

    Thank you again Lynn - I hope you find your white. And really, getting close can be good enough. There is so much time and heartache wasted picking out white! :D

    Thank you 34TMR!!! - I do LOVE the Marble. it's just the right amount of beautiful in what could easily be a bland space.
    It has, of course, all ready got some etched spots... a few with each party.. but that's life and i don't let it bother me.

  • gardenamy

    Celineike - Have to admit I just love when your kitchen pops to the top again, gives me another chance to take a peek at it!

    Question regarding your uppers. I'm considering stacked also. Your uppers are 15" stacked top, over what size?

    My proposed stacked are 15" over 27". Would like to visually compare that to whatever yours are so I have an idea what they will look like. Thanks in advance!

  • CEFreeman

    I konw I'm way after the fact, but I love before & after pics, too. :)

    I was wondering if your trim, (all of it!) Crown, base, etc., had a name? I don't have any trim in my house and can't wrap my head around the pieces at the store. I think yours is simple, clean and lovely.


  • susanlynn2012

    Bumping this thread so CDFreeman's post can be seen.

  • susanlynn2012

    Celineike, I decided on the BM Cloud White if I paint the cabinets. If I don't paint and I buy new cabinets, I have been trying to find white cabinets not whiter than BM Cloud White but not too yellow. I also will be open to the right shade and style of Cherry inset or frameless full overlay cabinets. So far I am in love with the inset look and I LOVE your kitchen.

  • thrilledtobuild

    Oh, so pretty. So very, very, VERY pretty!!! I'm in love! Would you mind sharing the size of your cup pulls? Are they all the same size? I'm struggling with these right now! Thanks so much!!

  • susanlynn2012

    I had to look at this kitchen again and I am so in love and wish it was my kitchen! Thank you again Celineike for sharing so much!

  • celineike

    Hi thrilledtobuild, thank you! The cup pulls are the Gilmore 4" from Restoration Hardware. we used the same size everywhere. Good luck with your hardware choices - it can be super fun and a killer at the same time. second guessed it so many times. :o)

    and Thanks again Lynn!!! You just tickle me!!!! hope everything is coming together for you!


  • ajard

    Your kitchen is amazing. I love it. I used some of the same hardware.. but didn't use the crystal knobs.. I wanted to but wasn't sure how it would look with the polished nickel.. I love the way you mixed them!

  • blondelle

    LOVE your kitchen. What a stunning transformation! All the elements work so well together. My favorite part though is your gorgeous floor. I wish they would do a porcelain hand scraped wood look tile. Haven't been able to find any yet.

  • celineike

    Thank you Ajard! I actually have to pass the credit to my husband for the crystal knobs. I was hesitant to add such a (excuse the term) "old-lady" looking knob, But I'm so glad i did they kind of add a light-pretty touch. Way to go DH! I didn't really let him have much say,lol.

    And thank you Blonelle! I also looked for a ceramic dark floor and the closest i could get was a black limestone. way too much $$$ and pretty hard to stand on - as i heard from many GWer's.
    The wood is SO nice but is already so scratched from our crazy cats and dog - they chase. ;o)
    I'd do it again in a heartbeat though. The dark floor is so grounding in a light kitchen.

  • susanlynn2012

    Celineike, now that I have seen your knobs, I am going to take the chance and change all my knobs in my bedroom to crystal knobs since I have ivory, cream and white in the room and the brass knobs do not go with the chrome and crystal lamps.

    It says you used BM Cloud White but in another post, you thought you used BM Simply White. I had planned on using the BM Cloud white since I LOVE your kitchen and loved how you covered the soffit.

  • celineike

    Oh Lynn! You know my kitchen better than i do!! lol
    YES, it's the Cloud White! i used the Simply White somewhere else in the house. I know the post you are talking about.

    I hope you like the crystal knobs - they really are so sweet!
    we used the 1" knobs on the wine bar and the 1.25" in the kithcen. the tiny ones give a delicate look that i didnt think you'd noticed that much with just a .25" difference.


  • Bunny

    Your kitchen is an inspiration to me! I have been agonizing over a white for my cabs, always coming back to Cloud White. Although our kitchens are quite different (to say the least!), all our elements are quite similar, so I think my decision's made. :)

    Are you in the Bay Area? I notice that Heath Ceramics is in Sausalito. I love the color of your backsplash, but might have to settle on a less expensive alternative.

  • cathie2029

    Hello! I love the floor in the hallway. Can you tell me what that is?

  • susanlynn2012

    Kali2024, are you talking about the tile floor in the foyer area since I LOVE it also and would love a close-up picture and to find out what it is. Celineike has great taste!

  • cathie2029

    YUp thats the tile i'm talking about...Gorgeous! Celineike: please let us know what that is!

  • susanlynn2012

    Bumping this thread so Ceineike can see it to tell us what the tile floor in the foyer area is. I love it also kali2024!

  • susanlynn2012

    Celineike, just emailed me personally to tell me she is going to get a close-up of the tile floors and will see if anyone on here knows what it is since she can't remember what the tile floor is in the foyer area.

  • CEFreeman

    I asked this in October of last year, and since we're rolling around again to that time, I thought I'd ask again in case you browse...

    I konw I'm way after the fact, but I love before & after pics, too. :)

    I was wondering if your trim, (all of it!) Crown, base, etc., had a name? I don't have any trim in my house and can't wrap my head around the pieces at the store. I think yours is simple, clean and lovely.


  • celineike

    Hi Christine!

    Thank you again for your sweet words. None of the trim or crown have names that I'm aware of. I think I just choose the simplest thing at the store.

    I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding a nice one!

  • islanddevil

    Well well, feast your eyes on this BEAUTY! Another fabulous white kitchen to add to my inspiration file. Love everything. Lots of fantastic touches, like the cool way you set in the table and that awesome window!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • islanddevil

    OH I didn't realize this was from last year, glad it resurfaced!

    You mentioned the cabinet paint...can you please tell me were the cabs were painted elsewhere before install or painted in place? What type of wood are they? I'm in San Diego and there is no consensus on either. Actually white cabs aren't popular at all here and I WANT THEM this time for sure!

    Is that a full depth fridge with deeper cabs around it?

    Last but not least, how's that white holding up a year later?


  • go_figure01

    So glad this post resurfaced. What a gorgeous space!! Celineike TY so much for sharing w/us. What an inspiration! PS. Sweet kitten!!

  • cam349

    I still love this kitchen so much!

  • celineike

    Thank you! Me too! I've since moved. Divorced and sold the house. I miss it! Lol. I can't wait to do another kitchen!

  • Lori Barber

    How many years later and this kitchen is still a classic! What an amazing job.

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