dining chairs- can't make a dang decision

November 12, 2011

Hi Ya'll

I'm back again! Frantically trying to get my house in order before 15 relatives and inlaws come to stay for Thanksgiving....

So again, I can't make a decision and need your help

Here is the dining room table (seats 6 without leaf and 8 with) that is being delivered this week.

November 12, 2011
And here are my existing slipcovered parsons chairs... of which there are 4.
From November 12, 2011

So I was planning on buying 2 arm chairs for now, and then filling in with 2 random chairs that I already have until I can figure out what to do later...

Here are the options I am looking at with an eye towards ability to possibly use as an occasional chairs in living room or bedroom at some later point...

I know its all a matter of opinion, but what would you vote for?

Sorry I can't figure out how to pull in these pictures from french country furniture but here are the urls...

(this fabric likely has more gray than my current chairs)

This floral could pull in the blues from my living room but the green is a little strong...

From November 12, 2011

these are more modern maybe to spice it up some...

From November 12, 2011
From November 12, 2011

Or any suggestions you have... course they have to be in stock and I have to order like tomorrow....

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  • teacats

    Well -- let's see:

    Option 2 has the saber legs -- which work well with the existing table -- BUT the color and heft of the legs does NOT work well with the table .... PLUS saber-styled legs do take up more floor space too ....

    Option 3 does have modern clean lines and the legs -- while straight -- do seem to be a closer match to the table color ....

    Perhaps consider looking around Overstock and see if there is a chair with a stained leg that come a bit closer to the color of the table ..... ?

  • ynnej

    I like all of the options you gave for chairs. What about staining the table to match them?

  • fluffybutt

    Are you planning on using your existing four chairs and getting new ones for the ends of the table?

  • dianalo

    I'd keep an eye on CL. You can get some great deals there at a fraction of the cost for new.

  • yayagal

    I love number two, they have a little flare on the leg which echos the table and the size is just right. They go well with your other chairs too and would also serve well in another room. I'd go with that.

  • southerngalinnyc

    hey there,
    Thanks to all for your help. I ended up ordering the nimes putty gray from Overstock. Keeping fingers crossed that they aren't too dainty or cheap. Yayagal, I am having buyers remorse now that you chimed in on the option 2... although I really wasn't sure if you all saw the first 2 options from french country without the embedded photos. I'll let you know how it all turns out.
    Thanks again!

    Here is a link that might be useful:

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