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Anybody have stainless steel cabinet doors? Ikea Rubrik?

July 14, 2010

I've just come back from Ikea where I went to take a look at the Rubrik series of stainless steel cabinets. They only had one 12" cabinet on display. I was very disappointed with the quality. The stainless looked dull and had finger prints all over it. The door felt flimsy and when it closed (it was a slide in cabinet) it didn't line up with the frame.

Does anybody have cabinets with stainless doors that they are pleased with? Were they custom built? Has anybody ordered stock stainless cabinets? I found some companies online but can't tell what the quality is like.

I'm wanting stainless cabinets for the island only. I plan to enclose them in a wood frame with butcher block or reclaimed wood on the surface. The cabinets on the perimeter of the kitchen will be wood, either stained a color or natural wood, with possibly white quartzite counters.

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  • plllog

    Fingerprints are a given, though there are supposed wonder cleaners you can use on stainless that are supposed to repel fingerprints.

    I've seen them in St. Charles cabinetry back in the '80's, which is the traditional, all metal cabinetry which was bought by Viking several years ago. That's very good quality, and because it's all metal I think it's probably less prone to denting. Most of what you'll see is a stainless veneer on wood or MDF, which does get little pointy dents, and stuff.

  • bickybee

    I googled St Charles Cabinetry. Beautiful stuff.

    I contacted a couple of companies to inquire as to their pricing on stainless cabinets. Couldn't find anybody less than 3x the price of Ikea.

  • plllog

    Well, yes, that sounds about right. Most people here report an Ikea kitchen, no matter what the style, is about a third of other standard lines. For what it is Ikea is excellent, but if you don't like the quality you have to decide if the savings is worth it.

  • jakabedy

    Keep in mind that the "floor models" in the IKEA store take a lot more handling and abuse than the cabinets that will be in your personal kitchen. We have an IKEA kitchen (Nexus YB doors) and have been pleased with the quality. But I don't know the details on the construction of the stainless. Is the stainless wrapped on a solid core? If so, it should be very durable. You just have to be careful to align it all very well on installation.

  • plllog

    Oh! Jakabedy makes a good point!

    I just saw a stainless kitchen on The Kitchn. Have you seen Dwyer?

  • jenswrens

    I am not saying that this is what's right for your kitchen nor am I trying to push Ikea at all here (although I admit I am a "fan"). Just want to offer some pics and another, somewhat different perspective on Rubrik. You may like it or hate it. What I can say is, if nothing else, Rubrik is extremely DURABLE.

    My 24 hr veterinary emergency clinic has Rubrik cabs throughout the whole hospital - exam rooms, lab, treatment, surgery prep, ICU, radiology, isolation, wards, reception. We had them installed almost 7 years ago. These cabs are used a bajillion times a day, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, usually not gently, by dozens of different staff members - none of whom would ever stop to think once about worrying over a scratch or ding or whatever. Instruments get dropped, blood/chemicals/feces/urine gets spattered around, seizuring patients with exposed nails/teeth bang into, unruly dogs with nails jump up - you get the picture.

    The Ikea cabinets themselves function like they are brand new. The Rubrik fronts are easy to clean, and honestly IDK if they're scratched or dented b/c I've never stopped to look. But as a TKO person, you'd think I would've noticed if it were really bad (yes, I would've). I'll remember to look more closely tonight and report back.

    Anyway, FWIW, here are a few pics taken just a few months ago for another ikeafan. IMHO, they look pretty darn good for the abuse they receive.

  • bickybee

    OMG, jenswrens, those cabinets look amazing! Thank you so much for posting them and for taking the time to reply.

    I'm thinking the reason the piece I saw in the Ikea showroom looked so rinky dink is because it was a 12" pull out, which tend to be kind of wobbly anyway.

    plllog, thanks for that link. I look at Apartment Therapy from time to time but missed that. I'll check out Dwyer but I have a feeling I'll end up with Ikea. Just can't beat the price.

  • gwgin

    Let me try posting this again.
    I remodeled a kitchen in the early 90s with St Charles stainless steel cabinets. The quality was excellent but they were pricey. In order to get what I wanted I convinced the local dealer to work with me and was able to purchase individual units over a 3 year period. I lived with an unfinished kitchen during that whole time but it was worth it!

  • plllog

    I think Jenswrens clinic cabinets look awesome!

    Makes me remember just now something I think I must have heard here, which is that with Ikea kitchen cabinets a lot of the quality is in the installation. Or something like that. So maybe the one in the store was put together by the part time floor help, not an installer. Plus, you can't beat the Blum hardware.

  • shelayne

    which is that with Ikea kitchen cabinets a lot of the quality is in the installation.

    Absolutely! And I think that Jen's clinic photos pretty much punctuate that statement--not to mention the IKEA kitchens posted on GW. They are absolutely amazing!

  • love2dance

    Hi, I've been looking online for aluminum framed cabinet doors for some uppers, and noted that this company sells stainless cabinets. I can't attest to quality as I've not ordered from them yet.

    Here is a link that might be useful: stainless cabinets



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