Seagrass rugs and pet hair

6 years ago

I only found one sentence about seagrass rugs and pet hair on the internet. Most articles abut seagrass rugs and pets talk about stains related to "accidents" and the occasional vomit. Pet accidents are extremely rare in our household so I'm not worried about that.

What I'm wondering about is how seagrass rugs hold up against pet hair weaving itself into the rug? We have 2 dogs; a stray we found as a pup in the country that looks to be a cattle dog/heeler mix and a rat terrier given to my husband by one of his students.

The rat terrier has stiff brissly(sp) hair which I find can weave itself into the furniture and I think carpet. Even when using a Dyson vacuum we can go back over it with a rug machine cleaner and still pick up more hair. The heeler is probably guilty too =)

I read that pet hair will not stick to seagrass. To those who have seagrass rugs, what has been your experience in relation to pet hair? Easy to clean up with a vacuum?

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