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What color drapes would you hang against these green walls?

13 years ago

We're struggling with what shade of drape could work well in this room---the walls are a light sage green (Benjamin Moore Pale Celery). We didn't choose the color or light fixture, but like both fine so we're working around them. The wall color does have an odd habit of changing shades with the light, though, which has made it tricky to settle on a drape color.

One big constraint is that the drapes in this room need to block light and sound, so we're looking at heavier/darker fabrics than might otherwise be appropriate. (The brown drapes in the photo are actually thermal.) Any thoughts on what color scheme might work? Do you have a similar wall color with a complementary shade that looks great?

So far we've explored chocolate brown and various oranges and reds, but are stuck. We've pretty much decided to go with the shorter length for both the sheer and the drape, so it will end just below the window sill.

Any thoughts?



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