Adding a country flair to my kitchen (i.e, chicken wire)

12 years ago

I am wanting to add a country flair to my kitchen. My wall color is Laura Ashley Olive 4, cabinets are that orangey oak we all love to hate. I have various antique plates on one wall giving it a bit of a country feel, but I want to take it a step further.

I fell in love with Reno Fan's chicken wire in her son's bathroom. Just too cool. I have 4 cabinets in my kitchen which have ugly glass inserts. The glass is frosted, and looks cheap. I am entertaining the thought of knocking out the glass and putting up chicken wire with fabric behind.

My question is this: Should I use the same fabric as the curtains in my kitchen? It is Waverly Mistral Red and even though I love the print, it may suck along with the chicken wire. Maybe too modern of a print with chicken wire, LOL? Or is it feasible to pick another fabric with similar colors and use that? Is there a do and don't when it comes to what fabrics to use with chicken wire?

Any suggestions? I love everyone's ideas but when I try to do my own I come up SHORT!

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