What would you do?

11 years ago

I hired a 'handyman' who advertised as doing everything from window installation to renovations. And no, I didn't ask him for references as it seemed a pretty straight forward job. I had taken down the chair railing and painted it, and when it was put back up it was put in upside down. The wider curve is at the bottom instead of the top. I think he must have had to make other cuts into it to make it fit, and since it has already been taken down once, and put back up (with a few splinters in the wood in the process), I'm afraid that I'd have to go back and start from scratch to have it taken down and corrected. Do you think it looks too odd to leave it as it is?? Or should I call him on it and let him figure out how to correct the situation? Or do I have it backwards and he put it up correctly?! Here's a photo to give you an idea of how it looks.


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