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waterfall countertops -- a trend?

9 years ago

The latest decision for my kitchen reno is whether or not to install waterfall countertops. I like the look a lot but fear I may not like it 10, 20, or 30 years from now (We expect this to be our "forever" kitchen :). My overall look is modern (simple and spare) and I am trying to select things that I will not become sick of down the road.

I suppose there's no way to know if a look will endure but if anyone would like to weigh in, I'd be appreciative. And if you have waterfall countertops, I'd REALLY love to hear from you, esp regarding the decision process.

One section in my kitchen where a waterfall counter could go sees gobs of traffic and is often knocked into by the vacuum cleaner, klutzy feet, rolling suitcases, what have you -- I think having tough-as-nails countertop down there instead of a wood cabinet might make sense.

Anyway, I will appreciate input!

(By the way, you guys have been wonderfully helpful to me thus far in the reno process -- you've already helped me NOT put a drop ceiling into my Eichler-style home and you've helped me get off the fence with my fridge purchase. Gush, gush!)

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