Color to go with Chantilly Lace Cabinets

9 years ago

HI Ladies! I would love some suggestions on wall paint color. I am trying to lighten my house and am looking for a neutral wall color - the perfect shade of very light putty/white/grey/beige... :-)

My cabinets are chantilly lace white. Sinks are white ceramic. Pulls and faucets are polished chrome. Counters polished black granite. White subway tile. So basically black, white, chrome and stainless. The floors are yellowed natural hardwoods. I don't know if its possible to make the floors look less yellow via paint.

Whatever color I pick has to go all over the house because of arches and two story living room that is attached. In the living room there is a dark orange and tan oriental and silk drapes that are yellowish green, orange and golden yellow plaid. Furniture is neutral.

Any thoughts? I've looked at swiss coffee, dover white, natural choice, ballet white. So hard to choose and because its everywhere, I need to really be sure.

Thank you so much!


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