Sink options for 33" cabinet base?

Denise Tokarz
7 years ago

Help! I've read through several posts on this and I think my options are slowly dwindling. I have a 33" cabinet base, with carrera marble waiting at the fabricators until I get my act together on a sink and faucet combo. I was 100% sold on the Blanco super single, but it needs a 36" base. Ditto on the Kohler Riverby and Indio (was planning on ice grey.) I'm not huge on the farmhouse look of the Whitehaven - and for those owners, do you have to cut out the front of existing cabinetry to make it fit?

I'm looking for as large a sink as possible with an offset drain and a single bowl for a 33" base. The Franke Orca I think is still a possibility, but stainless was my last choice. It's OK, I prefer the color in the other choices, although I know a lot of Orca owners love it (and I'm not sure I "get it" on that sink, again will do some more homework.)

Any suggestions that I'm overlooking? Many thanks!

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