To keep or get rid of bulkhead above cabinets?

12 years ago

If your kitchen had/has a bulkhead above the cabinets, would you get rid of it in a remodel where you were installing new cabinetry? Why?

Did anyone do this? If so, any before/after pix?

just debating in my head what I want to do. I've got a bulkhead above my cabinets that I originally thought I'd want to get rid of when we remodeled the kitchen. However, the full kitchen remodel I originally planned isn't happening for another year or two, but I am really struggling with the lighting in the kitchen. I was thinking maybe I could update the lighting now (involves pulling out drywall, installing recessed lights, and patching drywall), leave the bulkhead in for good, and live w/ the rest until we can afford to do the cabinets, counters.Thoughts?

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