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What clever kitchen idea helped make you a neater person?

9 years ago

Dear Forum Friends,

I haven't been around the forum much, but the change of seasons has me thinking of remodeling - especially because there's work I really should be doing! So, a question: For those of you who are, like me, not naturally neat and organized, are there features of your new kitchen that have made a real difference in how easy it is to keep on top of things? Maybe in unexpected ways?

In my eventual remodel, one giant mess problem will be solved in that my tiny kitchen currently has the only door to the back yard is thus the staging area for shoes, coats, dog leashes, misc. gardening equipment, etc. etc. In House Version 2.0, there will be a separate mudroom and a proper vestibule inside the back door, well away from the kitchen.

But I'm thinking of smaller, kitchen-specific things. Here's one: With all the messy kitchen chores to chose from, my downfall is that I hate to empty the dishwasher. No rational reason for this, but it's been that way for 40 years and is unlikely to change. In my previous house, I replaced my dishwasher with a pair of DishDrawers and it revolutionized my life, because I could use the clean drawer as the source of clean plates and cutlery and put them straight in the dirty drawer after use. I almost never put away the things that were in daily use. Not the way things are meant to be, but it had very positive effects on the whole kitchen experience.

How about you?


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