If you don't oil your soapstone...

10 years ago

Do you mean you NEVER oiled? Or do you mean that after an initial period of oiling you were able to STOP oiling because the stone stayed dark enough for your liking on its own?

We have lots of samples here and finally picked a naturally darker harder soapstone and didn't plan to oil. But the fabricator is adamant that we need to oil, at least initially.

We love the unoiled soapstone and I thought that was the key to love it unoiled so you weren't a slave to oiling to have to keep it dark. But the grease spots are giving me pause and making me think we'd just need to oil and have black counters which would be sad since we really love the natural gray.

If you have NEVER oiled your stone (and it is lighter/natural state) what is the best way to remove grease spots? I was shocked how difficult it is to remove grease from soapstone which I understood wasn't supposed to absorb the grease, but that it just oxidizes on the surface? Either way Dawn didn't cut it. The only thing that has lessened the oil spots is just evaporation of the oil over time. But that is not a viable way to live, waiting for things to evaporate-my counters would never be clean.

What say you, soapstone sages...?

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