An alternative for pot and pans storage

November 28, 2014

Before I started a new thread, I double checked checked my memory. Though there are been a few questions/quick discussions of Glideware racks, no one who has actually lived with them has posted.

I've had mine since the beginning of October.

This is my peninsula:

This is the what it looks like inside:

(Marketing photos show the lids handing off the pans, but i use the pans lid free most of the time, and I didn't want to fuss with a lid just to get to my pan.)

I wanted a way to keep my non-stick safe and not have to dig through my pans to get to one I wanted. I'd had a hanging pot rack in my old kitchen, and I loved hanging my pans from smallest to largest. But I didn't want anything hanging from the ceiling in the new kitchen. Tool a chance on the Glideware.

They may be my favorite thing in my new kitchen. They slide out easily. I can get to everything. But everything is hidden away.

In another thread, someone mentioned noise. They can be a bit noisy if the pots or pans swing and hit one another but nothing on the level that it bothers me, and I dread needing to use a garbage disposal (not nearly as bad in my new sink), the vacuum, or even a hood vent. I can make a video if someone wants.

I thought they were pricey for what they are. Maybe my husband could have built something for less. But they are really well built. I know the company launched with a kickstarter only a few years ago, so they probably haven't been able to bring the price down yet. (I got the best price on eBay from someone who clearly sells a lot, not an unhappy customer.)

So, this is just a public service announcement. Get whatever works for you. (AKA, please don't flame me for my choice or tell me what I should have done. Just had my reveal. I'm done! :) )

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